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National  U3A  AGM  Report
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U3A Annual General Meeting

On Monday 4th September Ann & I attended the AGM of the Third Age Trust at the University of Chester. The whole conference actually lasts for 3 days but we were just there for the day.

The meeting itself is a fairly formal affair attended by around 300 members from various parts of the UK. There was a ballot for the position of National Chairman between Jean Goodeve of Pembrokeshire and Stanley Miller from Evesham & District. Not knowing either candidate, we decided to share our 2 High Lane votes; Jean Goodeve was duly announced the winner.

The treasurer, Terry Hardie from Cirencester then presented the Annual Accounts to the meeting. It was quite interesting for me to learn how the the capitation fees we send to the Centre are spent. It probably comes down to 3 main areas:
Support for learning in the 600 or so U3A’S
Developing the U3A movement including the formation of new U3A’S
Acting as a national voice for the U3A

The meeting concluded with a presentation of what is planned for next year’s AGM.
2007 AGM  Conference Cruise!!!
This will be something a bit special as it is the 25th anniversary of the movement.
There will be a 3 day cruise from Falmouth taking in Le Havre ( including a trip to Monet’s Water Garden), the Scilly Isles with a trip to Tresco Abbey Garden, & then back to Falmouth for the AGM.
Prices for cabins start @ £129 per person which seems  fantastic value, so I think it’s bound to be popular.
Dates 15-18 September 2007.


Away from the AGM there were a number of displays,exhibitions and presentations, discussion groups etc all showing the work and activities which go on within the Third Age Trust.

All in all, a very interesting and enjoyable day

Steve Reynolds