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Churches & Pubs 2018
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Church and Pub next door

The Churches & Pubs Group meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month from April to December except for August. A £5 deposit is required for each visit. 
Meeting times will be advised each month.
Meet at the village hall, unless stated otherwise.

Programme for 2018

Please inform Paul Kenneth beforehand if you wish to come on any visit.  We need to provide both church & pub with an indication of numbers.

March 7th.   New church, Warburton.

April.            Holiday.

May 2nd.      St. Laurence, Walton-on-Trent.

June              Holiday

July 4th.       St. Michaels, Shotwick.

Aug.             None

Sept 5th.      St. Lawrence, Whitwell.

Oct 3rd        St. Bartholomew, Wilmslow.

Nov 7th       St.Annes,Turton.

Dec 5th       St.Wilfreds Davenham.