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  The Family History Group usually meets on the first and third
  Thursdays of the month during the Autumn and Spring terms in the
  computer room at Brookside Primary School, High Lane.  We have
  the use of 18 computers with internet access, an essential tool for
  the genealogist.  A fiche reader is available and we are building up a
  resource folder of additional information.

  Our meetings are part general discussion and part computer based.        While a basic knowledge of computers is useful it is not essential.          Assistance will be provided on an individual basis, if required.
Topics are varied and we are happy to add extra topics of general interest on request.  You will also be shown how to access and search useful genealogy web sites.

Tracing your family history can be a slow process, with a number of brick walls on the way. Perseverance often pays great dividends.  After many hours of fruitless searching the moment you find your ancestor in the wrong place, or under a corruption of the surname, gives an enormous sense of satisfaction.
Apart from the usual dodgy marriages (and non marriages!) and
families where the youngest child is
actually a grandchild, members have explored sources of  WW1 military service and army medical records, including medals awarded, one found a cousin who died in a prisoner of war camp.  Another member started with a photograph of
a gravestone and a picture of herself and now has several files of information, tracing one family line back into the 18th century.  A further member’s great grandfather married, had 7 children, his wife died, he then married her younger sister and had 3 more children!   How would you record that on a family tree?  Come along and we
will help you with this or any other problems.
As we have to cover the cost of hiring the room we require members to pay £14 in advance for the six sessions planned.

If you have any questions about the group or would like more information please contact:
Pat Christopher, Sue Harlin, Jean Drinkwater


16th  September     Getting started
                             Basic web site information

30th  September     Civil Registration
                             Ordering certificates

14th  October         Interpreting census information

4th  November       More detailed look at free bmd
                             Cheshire bmd

18th  November      Keeping records and storing information

2nd  December       A  further look at Family Search

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