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The Mahjong Group is re-starting

Anyone interested in more information about the group can contact me by phone.

You can find my number on the High lane U3A information sheet.

Mahjong - It is a game using a set of tiles; like in a pack of cards – there are different sorts of ‘suits'.
Four players are needed to play the game. Put simply : Everyone plays individually, takes turns to take a tile and then discard one, tries to make a set of tiles (similar to ‘Rummy'), and put them onto the table.
There are a few other essential rules, e.g. there are appropriate words to say when placing your tiles, which can be additional fun; and the skill comes in choosing the most high-scoring tiles to collect.
It doesn't have to be serious, although naturally it can get competitive, as everyone wants to be the winner!  M uch good social interaction can be had...

If you think you'd like to learn, (beginners would be welcome,) or continue playing Mahjong - with other U3A members, please contact Sue Ardern - meetings held in my home.

To learn about the rules of Marjong,go to the LINKS page.

We will meet on Thursday evenings (2nd and 4th Thursdays) from 7pm - 9pm., starting on Thursday November 14th (but not meeting on Dec 26th!)

Sue Ardern