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Mathematics Group
Mathematics Group

The Mathematics Group has been in existence since April 2003.  We meet infrequently, on average six times per year, at High Lane Village Hall. 

We welcome U3A members from other Pennine Link U3A branches.

Rather than concern ourselves with the detail of mathematics, or prepare for examinations, we concentrate on interesting and unusual aspects of mathematics, particularily in the history of mathematics and the personalities involved. 

Therefore you do not need any specific qualifications or examinations, just an interest in a subject that is at the core of modern life, but is feared by many.  No homework is set!

Typical subjects that we have covered over the last three years include early numbering systems, Napier bones, Fibonacci series, the history of Pi, the useage of an Abacus, Euclid, Fractals, creation of curves from a ruler, prime numbers, sets, probability, Mobius curves, Newton, sine waves and music, Su Doku etc.

The Group is led by Ben Gunn and Barrie Milnes, and we would especially welcome anyone who could assist in helping to present a subject.

Maths Group in Progress
We will soon begin to repeat some of the various subjects of previous meetings so that new members, and those existing members who have missed a meeting first time round, can cover that subject. 

If you would like to try us for a meeting, please contact b.milnes@ntlworld.com and we will let you know when the next meeting is scheduled.  The picture is of Ben explaining 300 B.C. Chinese Mathematics to a bewildered Group!

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