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The Photography group meets every 2 months in members' houses, and the emphasis is  on friendly competitions on varied subjects, plus sharing skills and experience with each other, as well as occasional photoshoots/practical projects.

The only things required are an interest in getting the best out of your digital camera and the photographs it can take. We share our photographs by email - and we can show you how to do that if necessary.

So please come and join us.


Group Leader Walter Mason photographygroupleader@highlaneu3a.org.uk


Programme for 2020


JANUARY 16 Jeff’s house Reflections
MARCH 19 Derek’s house “Stations” . Bring Local Scenes for 2021 Calendar.
April e-mail competition Pastimes for Self-Isolators
MAY 21 Photoshoot - Cheadle. “Birds”
June e-mail competition "A flower"
July Bryan's house “Front Gardens” and “Cheadle” . Select Calendar. Pictures
September Sue’s house “Coast”
November Maureen’s house “Funghi”
December Two competitions Household objects
Something Christmassy


The January competition


“ Reflections” results were:- 1= Brian – The Rockies, Canada, and Jeff – Canal Barge near Whaley Bridge; 3= Walter – Dovestones Reservoir, Saddleworth, and Jeff – Canal Bridge and House.



A group photograph was taken to mark Jeff's recent run of success!



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The March Competition


Just 2 days after the Monday closure of group activity because of the Corona Virus outbreak, the photography group held its photo "Stations" competition by email! Members photos were circulated round the group as attachments and then voted on, again by email. There was an odd teething trouble or two – technical problems in downloading attachments, and two many emails floating around at once - but these can be easily overcome. Members were enthusiastic and the plan is to have extra email competitions in future months, starting with “A Pastime for Self Isolators” in April.


For the record, in March Diane won with Cologne Station, 2nd was Derek with Poynton Station, and 3rd was Bob with Chinley Station.




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April Competition


The photography group has held another competition by email! This time the April subject was “Pastimes for Self-Isolators”. Everything ran smoothly, as photos were sent to the group leader, then all circulated round the group for voting. The wide variety of pastimes and high standard of photos made it a very difficult choice, which all seemed to enjoy.


For the record, Bryan was a runaway winner with “Gone Fishing”, 2nd equals were Bryan with “Gardening”, and Jeff with both “Piano Learning” and “Model Engineering”.


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The May email photo competition was a close run affair. It wasn't clear who would win 'till the last votes came in. The winner was Jeff with "Avocet", second was Bob "Kingfisher", and third equals were Bryan "Seagull" and Jeff "Robin". The choice had been difficult, and picture sharpness was a factor - easy with slow moving ducks and large birds - not so easy with fast moving and small birds.



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The June competition subject was "A Flower", and there were 24 varied and colourful flowers to choose from. 4 photos stood out from the rest and voting was close between them. The result was:-   FIRST EQUALS  -  Diane (Rose) and Walter (Poppy);  THIRD EQUALS  -  Chris (Iris) and Diane (Passion Flower).  Next month the subject is  "A Front Garden).    Walter

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The monthly competition A FRONT GARDEN was an easy victory for Derek (On The Right Lines), with Diane (Pampas) and Jeff (Before The White House) 2nd Equals, just ahead of Walter (Slate Well).


The next big event, following a suggestion from Diane, is an online exhibition/competition with 64 photos from our group to choose from, More details IN the editorial.


 The August  competition  is AN ITEM OF FURNITURE. 



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The September competition on "Coast" was won by Jeff (Robin Hoods Bay), 2nd Diane (Jurassic Coast), and 3rd Equals were Walter (Agapanthus Beach) and Derek (Durdle Door). Next month's title is "Red"


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The November competition "FUNGI" was won by Diane with a lovely bracket fungi taken near Bramall Hall, then Walter second with a fly agaric fungi, and a quadruple tie for third between Walter, Jeff (twice) and Derek. In December we will have two competitions - A Household Utensil and Something Christmassy.

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There were two competitions in December.

HOUSEHOLD OBJECTS - Bryan had a runaway victory with Spoon Star, followed by Diane with Inside Grater.

SOMETHING CHRISTMASSY - In a close contest, first equals Chris with Cake to Go, and Derek with Twin Santas, were just ahead of Walter's Blue Christmas.

At year end, there is a change in the group as Walter is passing on the mantle to Jeff Robinson, who will be the new Photographic Group Leader.

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