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Isle of Man holiday Pictures
16th to 20th May   
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Doris & Norris! Manx Cat!
Rushen Castle Courtyard & Bakery They laid on Lunch!! Hey! This Loo is occupied!! The Pay's not bad, but the holidays are rubbish! Quick! bow don't turn your back!
Now see what you've done!
Smile for the Paparazzi dear.
Top of Snaefell, Windy day....Hey! Where's my Group gone? Sand Castles on Douglas beach!!! No I didn't see that film. Spiral staircase in the Museum The Lady Evelyn Wheel at Laxey
The Lady Isabella Laxey's Large Wheel On top of the Wheel Time for a Coffe...did you notice the street name? Yes! Ham & Eggs Terrace! On to Peel Castle!
We're quite High up here in the Castle! That's better, I was getting altitude sickness Peel Castle from the Harbour Off to Lunch ... I think they cook Queenies here! Those Isle Of Man ice creams were lovely! and now a spot of Sun bathing.
The House of Mannanan in Peel Don't panic!..The Vikings are here! err...Pushing the Boat out! To You..To Me! I could tell you a tale of hereabouts! I don't know where he is! He said he was popping out for some fish!
Doomed...Doomed I say! Doris & Norris try their hand at smoking Kippers! Bring me Sunshine! The words from Bring me Sunshine are on the steps. Life is all a matter of timing - Eric Morecambe Seagull Parade - part of the Eric Bartholomew Monument