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The Ballet Appreciation Group is now set up and will be split into two groups of 6-8 people for the purpose of comfortable seating.  The groups will meet, usually 1st Friday and 3rd Wednesday of the month commencing 1st July and 20th July 2011.

Two taster sessions have already taken place and both groups enjoyed the programmes presented.
Hopefully over the coming months we shall enjoy a whole range of ballets including Traditional, Modern and Contemporary performances by various worldwide ballet companies.

The presentations viewed in the two taster sessions were a mixed bag of enjoyable ballets, not generally shown on the U.K. ballet circuit.  Details of the programmes viewed are as follows:

1.    American Ballet Theatre – Featuring Mikhail Baryshnikov’s “ A-Z of Ballet” including:
    •    “A Little Ballet” - Music by Glazinov ('Candlelight & Romance' describes this lovely ballet).
    •    “The Sinatra Suite” - Classic Hits. (Evening Dress is the order of the day in this ballet).
    •    “Push Comes to Shove”  (A very quirky ballet, lots of fun and my favourite).
2.    The Royal Ballet Co.
    •    "Hornpipe Selection" – Music:  Sea Shanties ( If you enjoy the “Last Night at the Proms”, this
          ballet is for you)  

    •    "Faust" - Music by Gounod. (Lovely music and very romantic).
3.     American Ballet Theatre  
    •    "Stars & Stripes" – Music by Sousa. ( Who would ever think you could perform a ballet to
          marching music, it is fabulous).

Group Leader    Sheila Hall