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The Ballet Appreciation Groups 1 & 2 started in July 2011 and is now in its 3rd year.  As the meetings take place in my home each of the two groups is limited to a maximum of 8 members to allow for comfortable seating.  People on the waiting list have a chance to join us, as and when a vacancy occurs.
Group 1 meets on the 1st Friday in the month and Group 2 on the 3rd Wednesday in the month and each meeting is an afternoon session from 1.15pm to 3.30pm approx. 
During 2013 the groups have enjoyed a mixture of full length Ballets such as “Romeo & Juliet” “Giselle” “Hobson’s Choice” “Paquita” “Don Quixote” and many more, all of which are listed in the two monthly newsletters.
A number of Ballet Documentaries have also been shown namely “Baryshnikov Biography”, “Bringing Back Balanchine” and many more giving an insight into the strenuous and dedicated lives of the people associated with the world of ballet.

Group Leader:  Sheila Hall


Groups 3 & 4 started in September 2012 to help meet the request for more places.  The groups meet in Poynton once per month, normally on the 4th Wednesday or 1st Thursday.  They include U3A members from both High Lane and Poynton and, as with groups 1 & 2 above, the meetings are afternoon sessions of 2 hours (approx).
The first 12 sessions have looked at examples of the work of well-known choreographers.
Topics covered were:
Classical Russian style
Ballet in England:  Frederick Ashton and the Royal Ballet
Ballet in America:  George Balanchine
The Royal Ballet and the work of Kenneth Macmillan.
We saw a mixture of documentaries and short ballet pieces. ,Included in the programme were six full-length ballets.
Future sessions will include more classical works and also the work of other, less well-known choreographers.

Group Leader:  Meg Humphries.