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Crown Green Bowling
Bowling is a sedate and gentle exercise excellent for those in their senior years. We are a very friendly group and we mix up so that everyone plays with different people each week. We have some laughter and fun as well as concentrating on our bowling.
bowling a long jack!finger peg! That's our Thumb then!

Tuition can be arranged for newcomers by contacting the group leader in advance. After sufficient instruction a new bowler joins in with the rest to enjoy the social side of the game.

We meet at 10am on a Tuesday or Thursday at Torkington Park, Hazel Grove. We play until mid-day with a break for refreshment about half way through (which you bring yourself). Bowling takes place throughout the year as the park has a summer and a winter green. If there is a heavy frost or snow we are unable to bowl; we also do not play during heavy rain. There are bowls available at the green if you do not have your own.

Council bowls permits are required, which cover play for a year. The cost is £25 but they allow play on any of Stockport Council park greens. Permits are available at Hazel Grove or Marple libraries or information centres. You need to provide a passport size photo of yourself.

If you are interested in this group please see me at our monthly meetings, come along or contact me by e-mail. 

Andre Lister

Group Co-ordinator