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Bowling Group in 2008
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Bowling Intermediate Group

Bowling Group

Crown Green Bowling
    Bowling is a sedate and gentle exercise recommended by many GP's as a sport for those in their senior years.
    Like many games it looks easy when watching those with years of practice and skill.  However, it can be a bit like driving a car at first, so many things to think of at the same time.

bowling a long jack!finger peg! That's our Thumb then!

Don't let that put you off, we are a very friendly group and we mix up so that people play with different people each week.  We have some laughter and fun as well as concentrating on our bowling.

 who's closest partner?
   The weekly meetings commence at 10.00 and we play until mid day with a break for refreshment about half way through (which you bring yourself).
   We have a qualified Bowling Instructor who will assist any newcomer in the rudiments of the art!!!Go on give it some welly!
   After sufficient instruction the new bowler joins in with the rest and begins to enjoy the social side of our game.
   We meet on a Thursday at Torkington Park (near the Rising Sun pub) and a small charge of £1.00 is made to cover the hire of the green.  There are Bowls available for use at the green where necessary and when you feel like buying your own we will give you advice on what would be the correct woods for you.
   We have a couple of social events, the highlight being a coach trip which includes bowls, lunch and, depending on the location, a short time forOne to us then! shopping.
   Does this interest you?  If so you would be welcome any Thursday morning. However, I do suggest that if you are a complete beginner it would be better to wait until May when the weather becomes a little warmer.
   If you have problems with transport it is possible to arrange for lifts with people living in your area and of course the bus fare is free to the over 60's and there is a bus stop nearby
Group Leader:  Ken Bentley


This year's day out will again be at Christleton on 26th June.  £10 deposit required by Ken ASAPP.
The coach is at 9.00am from Alderdale Drive and 9.00am from Norbury church as it is usually early!

New members are always welcome, but we do need to pay due regard to the capacity of the Bowling Green, which, in the end will cause us to start a waiting list.

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