Question 15b.

You chose 2 No Trump. This is the correct bid. You like the No Trump bid, and you have sufficient points to support your partner at the 2 level.

When your partner bid 2 No Trump, you knew that he had 11 or 12 points. Added to your 13 points that makes 24  or 25. The convention about rebidding in a situation like this, is that if you had had 12 points, you would have No Bid and left the contract at 2 No Trump. With 14 points, the maximum of a 1 No Trump opener, you would have gone on to 3 No Trump. But with 13 points, you are in the middle, and can choose yourself whether you want to take the risk to go on, or to stop. I think with this hand, it is better to stop, so you would No Bid.

As before, the play starts with a lead from the person on the left of Declarer. South is again Declarer, having bid the No Trump first, so West will lead to the first trick. Here is his hand.

Spades         J,8,3
Hearts         A,8,3
Diamonds    A,10,9,8
Clubs           9,4,3

There are a whole host of suggestions for opening leads, which we will cover in detail in a later lesson. However, the most common lead against No Trump, is the 4th HIGHEST CARD IN YOUR LONGEST SUIT. This tells your partner what your best suit is, and also allows him to work out the position of the other high cards in that suit.
I won't go into detail about that now, because it is a bit complicated to understand at this stage. When you talk about the 4th highest, you are counting down from the top. Many beginners get confused about that.

16. What lead will West make?

a. 8 Diamonds
b. Ace of Diamonds
c. Ace of Hearts