Question 1c.

You chose 15, which meant that you added up the  1 Ace for 4 points, 2 Kings, making 6 points, and the 2 Queens, making another 4 points,  and the one Jack, giving 1 more point, giving you a total of 15 points. This is the correct answer. Well done.

As well as counting points for the biggest cards (which are called the HONOURS) you also can add value to your hand by having extra long suits. The average number of cards you would expect in any one suit is 3 or 4 - so a suit that contains more than 4 cards, is longer than average, and this can be a big advantage to you. You can add 1 extra point for each card over the basic 4 in any suit. Therefore if you have a 7 card suit, this would add an extra 3 points.

2. In the following hand, counting honour points and long suit distribution, how many total points do you have?

Spades           Q,J
Hearts            J
Diamonds      A,Q,10,6
Clubs             K,J,8,5,3,2

a. 14
b. 15
c. 16