Question 25c.

You chose to lead the 6 of Clubs. This is correct. It is the suit that your partner bid, and because you have an Honour, and at least 3 cards in the suit, you lead your lowest card. If you had only had 2, you would have led the higher of the two.

The dummy now goes down.
                                                        Lead- 6 Clubs

WEST                                                                            EAST
Spades            A,K,Q,10,7                                             Spades        J,8,2
Hearts             K,J,6,5                                                    Hearts         A,Q,9
Diamonds        4,3                                                          Diamonds   A,10,9,8
Clubs               J,9                                                          Clubs          8,5,2

It is now that Declarer (WEST) plans his strategy for the hand. He can see that his Spades are solid and there should not be any losers in that suit. And his Hearts are also solid. But he can see 2 losers in Clubs and a loser in Diamonds. He should be able to make 10 tricks, however, which is more than he needs for his contract.

I won't play all of this hand out in detail. You can see that having won the first Club trick, South will logically play another Club which he will also win, but when he sees the Jack fall from West's hand, he thinks it is likely that West will be trumping on the next round, so would then switch to playing another suit, probably Diamonds, even though the Ace is exposed in the Dummy.

Get out a pack of cards, and sort out the hand listed above. It might be easier if you print it out.  See if by playing all of the cards for each person, you can make 10 tricks. Remember to take trumps out from the opponent's hands at the first opportunity, and to play your Hearts in the right order in order to make all 4 as winners.

We will assume that you made 10 tricks. If you have had problems, you can find out the way you could have made the tricks by clicking here.

26. How many points will you get towards the 100 needed for game?

a. 120
b. 60