Question 28c.

You chose that East-West would score 100 points, if North South, who were vulnerable went down one on the contract. You are correct.

There are a few more bonuses yet to be discussed.

If when you are doubled, you if are so very sure that you will make your contract, you can do what is called REDOUBLING. This will quadruple your score if you make it  and the bonuses to the opposition if you go down will be twice what they were if you were just doubled. This doesn't happen very often.

You also get bonuses in Rubber Bridge for something called HONOURS. It is a bonus based entirely on the luck of the deal, and so it is not counted in DUPLICATE or CHICAGO scoring. It is when you have a certain holding of cards in the suit that is trump.

The last bonus is the one given at the end of the Rubber - or at the end of play if you stop before a rubber is completed.

Remember that each time a game is finished off, a new line is drawn across both columns. So if your side had made a part game, and then the other side finished off their game, your part game will no longer count towards your 100 points for game, although, it will still be added up in the end.

When all the bonuses are put in, the columns are added, including scores above and below the lines, the winners are those with the highest score. So far, North and South have scored a game of 100 below the line, a part score of 70 below the line, and 20 above the line, and East-West have scored 60 below the line and 60 above the line. Let's pretend that North South are going to bid and make 1 No Trump on the next hand.

29. What will the final score at the end of the rubber be?

a. North- South - 230      East-West -120
b. North South -  730      East-West -120
c. North South -  930      East-West -120