Question 30a.

You suggested that you should bid 1 Diamond. This is correct. You have enough points to bid, and a nice Diamond suit.

Let us say that South also No Bids, and West has to decide what to rebid. Remember he opened with 1 Club, you said, 1 Diamond, everyone else has No Bid, and you have 60 points towards game.

Here is his hand

Spades         A
Hearts          K,9,4
Diamonds     Q,10,9,4
Clubs           A,K,10,4,2

He has a nice hand, with 17 points originally, and now that he sees that he has a fit in Diamonds with his partner, he can add 3 extra points for the singleton. He can assume that his partner has at least 6 points.
Therefore, between them, they should have points for a game in Diamonds. However, they already have 60 points towards game.

31. What should he bid?

a. 2 Clubs
b. 2 Diamonds
c. 5 Diamonds