Question 47c.

You chose to lead the Jack of Hearts. This is the correct lead. It is the top of a sequence.

Now North puts down his hand as the Dummy, and Declarer plans his play for the hand.

Spades          9,7
Hearts          Q,5,4,2
Diamonds     Q,6,3
Clubs            A,J,9,6

Spades         A,K,Q,J,10,8
Hearts          K,6
Diamonds     A,K,8
Clubs           10,7

Declarer will suspect that West is leading the top of a sequence, and he will therefore assume that the Ace is in East's hand. So if he plays the Queen, covering and honour with an honour, East will play the Ace, and South will play the 6. He has lost the trick, but his King is now a boss card.

I don't think there is any need for me to go through this hand card by card showing you how to play it. Sort out the hands, and play it out for yourself. South should easily make the contract, and should make an extra trick or maybe even 2.

If you have problems with playing out the hand, click here for help.

48. How will you score this hand for North South? There is something special about honours in this hand. Can you remember what they are?

a. 120 below, 150 above
b. 120 below, 100 above
c. 120 below, 180 above