Question 50b.

You chose that there were 7 losing tricks. This is correct. You have 1 loser in Spades, 2 in Hearts, 2 in Diamonds and 2 in Clubs.

Since you have only 7 losers, you would open on this hand, and you would bid in your longest suit which is Spades. You would bid 1 Spade.

Now we are going to assume that there was no overcall bid, and this is your partner's hand.

One thing I didn't mention before is when you have a Queen, but no outside Ace, some books tell you not to count that Queen as a winner. But I think it fine to do so.

Spades        Q,10,7,2
Hearts         K,Q,4
Diamonds    10,8,6,4
Clubs          10,9

51. How many losing tricks does your partner have?

a.  10
b.   9
c.   8