Question 56c.

You chose to bid 5 Clubs. This is correct according to the losing trick count. You had 4 losers, and your partner had 9, which added together makes 13, which subtracted from 18 makes 5.

Now sort out the hands, play out the cards, and see if I you made the right decision.

And when you have finished playing out 5 Clubs, sort out the hands again and play it in 3 Hearts. According to the Losing Trick count, 2 Hearts were as high as East -West should go, so they didn't bid 3 Hearts. But if they had, it would be interesting to see what would happen.

If you had trouble making the contract, click here to see how I did it for the 5 Club bid.

Click here to see the score card.

Now we can go on to Lesson 14 which is a review of Playing Techniques.