Question 5 d.

You chose to bid 2 Clubs. This is the correct bid. Well done.

So far the bidding has gone as follows:

Opening bidder has said              1 Club
Second person                           No Bid
Third person (Response bidder)   2 Clubs

Now we have said before in this lesson that for the time being, the opponents of the persons doing the bidding who would have a different set of rules to follow, will not be bidding for the time being. I am trying to keep the bidding very simple for the first few lessons.

So the Fourth person will say        No Bid

The bidding now keeps on going, as there have to be 3 No Bids in a row for the bidding to cease. So it is again the turn of the Opening bidder to speak. He now knows that his partner has at least 4 clubs and at least 6 points. And because his partner has supported him by bidding in the same suit, he can reanalyse his hand and add extra values for short suits.

Here is the original hand for which we counted 16 points.

Spades         Q,J
Hearts           J
Diamonds     A,Q,10,6
Clubs            K,J,8,5,3,2

Question 6. How many points is this hand worth now that you know that your partner supports your choice of trump?

a. 16 points
b. 18 points
c.  20 points