There are 3 distinct types of bids where you start with 2. All of them show strength. The first we are going to talk about in this lesson is 2 No Trump.

One No Trump was a weakish bid with 12-14 points. Two No Trump is very different. You have between 20-22 points, and should have a flat hand and all suits covered. If you have a long suit, you might well be better to be bidding in 2 of a suit rather than 2 No Trump, but we will talk about the requirements for that in the next lesson.

A 2 No Trump opening bid is not a forcing bid - but your partner is expected to respond positively with a relatively weak hand - knowing that you have 20-22, they should respond with 4. If they have a long suit they should bid it, and if not, they should reply 3 No Trump.

Here is North's hand on which he opened 2 No Trump.

Spades             A,K,2
Hearts              A,7,3
Diamonds         A,Q,6
Clubs               K,Q,5,3

East will No Bid. And here is South's hand.

Spades            9,7,6
Hearts             K,J,2
Diamonds        J,5,2
Clubs              J,9,6,2

43. What is South's best response bid?

a.  No Bid
b. 3 Clubs
c. 3 No Trumps