The Lead from East was the 2 of Diamonds, on which South plays the 3, West the 6, and North wins with the Jack.

In analysing the hands, North realizes that there is no way to avoid losing the King of Spades, so chooses to do that right away. Lead the Jack of Spades, 5 from East, 4 from South, and King from West.

West can now win the Ace of Clubs, with North playing the 4, East the 2 and South the 7.
West can now win the Ace of Hearts, with North playing the 8, East the 2 and South the 3.

Since Diamonds were led by partner originally and the Ace has not been played, West will then play the 4 of Diamonds, which North wins with the Ace, East plays the 7 and South the 8.

North now plays his Spades again, the 2 this time, East throws away the 3 of Clubs, South plays the Ace of Spades, and West, the 6.

Even though he won that trick, North now knows there is very little chance of his making the contract, because the trump has split badly, and West has 2 trumps left and one of them has to win a trick.

The only hope he can see of keeping the loses down is to try to make use of his remaining trumps separately rather than playing 2 of each trick and collecting only one from the opposition. So he now plays the King of Hearts, West plays the 4, North the 10 and East the 6.

He then plays the King of Diamonds, West playing the 5, South throwing away the 8 of clubs, and East playing the 9 of Diamonds.

North then plays the Queen of Diamonds, and West trumps it with the 9 of Spades, South throws the Queen of Clubs, and East plays the 10 of Diamonds.

West now plays the 5 of Hearts, North trumps with the 3 of Spades, East plays the Queen of Hearts, and South plays the 7 of Hearts.

North plays the King of Clubs, East the 5, North throws away the 9 of Hearts, and West plays the 9 of Clubs.

North now plays the 7 of Spades, East throws the 6 of Clubs, South plays the Queen of Spades, and West the 10 of Spades.

South then wins the last trick with the 8 of Spades, with West playing the Jack of Heart, South the Queen of Clubs, and East the Jack of Clubs.