The contract is 5 Clubs, based on the losing trick count. West is declarer.

1. North leads with the Ace of Spades, followed by the 5, 2, and 8.

2. North plays the 3 of Spades, followed by 7, Jack and won by the King of Spades in West.

3. West leads the 2 of Clubs, followed by the 6, 9 and Ace in South.

4. South plays the 6 of Hearts, West wins with the Ace, followed by the 5 and 2.

5. West plays the 2 of Diamonds, followed by the 8, Ace in East, and 4.

6. East plays the Queen of Spades, with the 6, 3 of Diamonds,  and 4 of Spades following.

7. East plays the 10 of Spades, with South throwing the 7 of Hearts, West playing the 5 Diamonds, and North playing the 9 of Spades.

8. East plays the 3 of Hearts, followed by the 8, trumped in West with the 4 of Clubs, and followed with the 9 of Hearts.

9. West plays the 7 of Diamonds, followed by the Jack, trumped with the 3 of Clubs in East, and with the 6 of Diamonds.

10. East plays the 4 of Hearts, followed by the 10, trumped with the 8 of Clubs, and the Queen of Hearts following.

11. West plays the 9 of Diamonds, followed by the King of Diamonds, trumped in East with the 5 of Clubs and the 10 of Diamonds following.

12. East plays the Jack of Hearts, followed by the King of Hearts, but trumped by the Queen of Clubs, with the 10 of Clubs falling.

13.  West leads with the King of Clubs, with the Jack of Clubs, 7 of Clubs and Queen of Diamonds coming after.