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Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Dancing Archive



Ballroom Dancing is a gentle and pleasurable activity, an ideal exercise for older persons such as u3a members.


The ballroom dance group leader and music players do take reasonable steps to minimise risks, by apt choice of venue and suitable music – but nevertheless, the activities are not entirely without risk. Dancers do have to beware of slips or dizziness, a potential cause of fall accidents, and should ensure they have suitable footwear. Also, remember that dancing in close proximity can allow spread of infectious diseases such as Covid-19 or 'flu. So rooms for dancing should be set up with ample ventilation, and chairs suitably spaced apart, bearing in mind any specific government or venue requirements.

Dancers should judge their own capabilities as to which dance types or moves they can safely enjoy. Particularly they might avoid fast dances or spinning movements if unsure. Also, refrain from exchanging partners if Covid is still prevalent. They should inform the leader if not fully vaccinated, in case this could affect vulnerable dancers.

Dancers with the u3a should note, that insurance against personal accidents or loss is their own responsibility. U3a insurance is limited to Public Liability, and is only designed to protect and indemnify members and group leaders against claims due to their dance activities.


Walter Mason July 2021

The Ballroom Dancing Group meet fortnightly at 2pm on Fridays at High Lane Village Hall in 16 week sessions.



The dancing is mainly BALLROOM and LATIN, varied with an occasional sequence or line dance. We aim for a friendly atmosphere and relaxed, enjoyable social dancing, augmented with a little step guidance.


The group is open to couples from High Lane U3A, and also from neighbouring U3As.


If interested and wanting to try us out, please contact Walter Mason or Ann Reynolds.


Spring Session 2020 - January 10 and 24; February 7 and 21; March 6 and 20; April 3 and 17.


Spring Session:

This spring saw Ian (of sequence fame) start to share music playing/instruction duties with Walter. Meanwhile we have temporally lost two of our keenest dancers after Chris's freak accident, and we hope his recovery goes well.


May 2020

Dancers were given two steps to refresh this month. First a Charleston Line Dance, and second a Quickstep Fishtail Variation linked with the V6 step. Also a photo reminder of how we looked 5 years ago.   Walter Mason

July 2020

This month the dancers were given a link to Waltz Hover Corte, and there was a reminisce about the group meal we might have had, except for covid19!   Towards the end of the month Dance Studios were allowed to reopen, which has caused a few dancing shoes to start vibrating!      Walter


Ballroom Dancing Archive


Group Leader Walter Mason ballroomdancing@highlaneu3a.org.uk