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Discussion Group in 2008
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The inaugural meeting of the discussion group took place on 19th June 2007
in High Lane when the subject was "Should Britain Allow More Immigrants".

On the 26th Nov 08 the group discussed the subject of Christmas: Past, Present and Future. Christmas Past brought reminiscences of those Christmases that could be remembered, fondly and accurately of course.
Christmas Present had not yet arrived, nor had the presents.
Christmas future was the most problematical. Peel back the commercialism, the merchandising, the gloss and glitter and you will find a Christian festival supported by long tradition.  But some misguided, sensitive people in our society believe that because we now live in a multicultural society, the essential religious aspect of Christmas should be played down, soft key, otherwise some group or groups may be upset.  Which of course, if carried to extremes, could result in Christmas becoming an unimportant part of our society,  i.e. no Christmas Future.  We discussed this and decided that it is highly improbable.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 28th January 2009.

Jim Mc Dermott