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Discussion Group in 2010
Discussion Group Archive

The inaugural meeting of the discussion group took place on 19th June 2007
in High Lane when the subject was "Should Britain Allow More Immigrants".

The discussion is led each time by a different member of the group who also chooses the subject.
Meetings are held monthly on Wednesdays at 2:15 at Jim McDermott's house.
At present the group is full.

On the 27th Jan.  Sonia introduced the subject of "Population increase".  The discussion started with the increase in the world's population, i.e. currently 100 million per annum and increasing year on year.
Unfortunately resources are not increasing, land availability increases only because forests are being cleared thus decimating wild life and destroying ecologies and natural habitats.  Also water and food production cannot keep up with demand.  This obviously has led to and will lead to conflict between peoples and eventually may develop into global conflict.  We then discussed overpopulation closer to home and how it affects people in this country.  It seems that our population is increasing by immigration.  We've all been told how our population is getting older because of modern medicine, better nutrition, better housing etc. and some people forecast a nation where the majority will be unable to support themselves.  Any solutions?  None that is acceptable either to Governments or citizens.  It is a very complex subject full of problems with some practical, commonsense answers but nevertheless unacceptable solutions.  To some Leaders controlling the birth rate is not open to discussion.  To other national Leaders it is not a practical proposition especially with populations of over one billion.  To others it is not culturally or traditionally acceptable.  It is like an unstoppable train.

On the 24th Feb. the topic of "Cars and their impact on society: do we need them?" was suggested by Marlene. We have all been told about the polluting effect of cars and how this contributes to global warming which can have disastrous consequences.  They also require that enormous amounts of land be concreted over to provide roads and parking places.  They also provide a very convenient way of getting from place to place especially Supermarkets which could not exist without the car and we would be forced to shop in the high street again.  Cars are also responsible for much employment with important contributions to the national economy.  But nationally and globally they are also responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries and that too has an effect on national economies.  They are also powered by oil which is not only a finite commodity but is responsible for a great deal of international conflict.  So do the pros outnumber the cons?  We would require a lot more time and information to answer that question and in the end it probably comes down to personal choice.

The next meeting will be on March 24th

Jim McDermott