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Finance Group in 2006
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Finance Group

In summer 2005, I joined U3A for the afternoon bridge sessions as a way to stimulate the mind following my retirement.  At one meeting, we were encouraged to start new interest groups.  I had given no thought whatsoever to this issue, but then in the tea interval at bridge, people were mentioning odd problems such as difficulties over travel insurance, inheritance taxes, wills, and so forth.  This generated a spark of an idea - would the U3A members be interested in a Money and Finance interest group.  Having been a Chief Financial Officer for a large publically-quoted company prior to my retirement, I had quite a few contacts in the financial sphere plus a personal interest in money and financial matters.  The concept was well received by the High Lane committee, and hence our group started out in September 2005.  We hold our meetings on the second Wednesday in the months of January, March, May, September and November immediately following the normal U3A meeting in the High Lane village hall.  We aim to start at approximately 15.45 and finish by 17.00.  To date we have had discussions on
- the importance of having a will in place
- what people can do to minimise the impact of inheritance tax
- life insurance for the 55+
- how to look for savings on your gas, water, electrical bills
- where you can search for savings on travel, hotels or insurance
- budget changes
an outline of a new recently Inland Revenue authorised and approved concept for passing your house onto your children without paying Inheritance tax.
If you are unable to attend any of our meetings, and wish to raise any matter of a financial nature or recommend a relevant guest speaker, then please feel to contact me on d.hill7013@ntlworld.com.

Derek Hill