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Gardening Group in 2006
Thank You Frank!
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Gardening Group

Gardening Group

The Group was formed in February 2001 and has been meeting regularly since.
At present meetings are held in the houses of members every second month to discuss any matter of interest for gardeners and to exchange plants and seeds in season.  Because the meetings are held in houses it is necessary to impose a limit on the number of members.  The different venues afford the opportunity for members to benefit from viewing other individuals' gardens.
During alternate months group visits are made to gardens open to the public, nurseries and the like.
On occasions the Group has arranged for talks by speakers on gardening subjects to which the public has been invited.
July 2006: Group Leader Frank Singleton retires as Leader!

Thank You Frank

Our July meeting was held at Mary Gould's house and garden. We discussed herbs and exchanged cuttings from members' gardens.

A plant and a card were presented to Frank Singleton for all his hard work over four years in keeping us on our toes. Thank you Frank.

The visit in August was to the "Secret Gardens of Bakewell".

Lottie Minchin.

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