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German Group in 2010
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German Group


Some of the group with German friends in Nuremberg    The German Group has been in existence since 2001 when High Lane U3A      first started.  We are a group of about 10 members, all with varying abilities,    who meet on most Fridays at 42 Bowfell Drive at 10 o'clock.  Our meetings    are light-hearted and sociable but we do learn something new every week.     In the grounds of Rosenau - Prince Albert's home in Coburg


We start off with general conversation on what we have been doing during        the week, then proceed to reading a text which forms the basis for further  discussion, leading to an improvement in our "Landeskunde" (knowledge of    the country).

At our farewell party in Forchheim    In past years we have had trips to several German cities:                                  Berlin, Cologne, Nuremberg, Hamburg and Munich.

   Some of the members have formed lasting friendships with families in              Forchheim in Franconia, a town with which we have strong links.  Some          members of the group will be taking part in the Travel Group's trip to         the Rhineland in May 2010.

This is a very sociable group and we enjoy eating out, our last outing being a very enjoyable Christmas meal at the Wycliffe Hotel in Edgeley.

 Marlene Brookes
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