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History Group in 2008
History Group in 2009
History Group

The next meeting is on Wednesday, 7th January at 7.30pm at Irene Bentley's house
Wilf Gannicliffe will talk about The Eve of Waterloo.

We meet every six weeks or so, usually on a Wednesday evening, at one of our members' houses.
At our meetings one of our number gives a talk on a historical subject of particular interest to him/her for about forty minutes, then we have a discussion about what we have heard.
We currently have fourteen members but new recruits are always welcome. It is not compulsory to give talks so don’t be put off coming by thinking that you will have to perform.

At each meeting we decide on a speaker, 
subject and venue for the following meeting.

Previous meetings:
January     History Quiz
March       Samuel Oldknow.  The members contributed to a fascinating discussion about
                 this remarkable man.
May          Upper Canada, 1812 - 1815.  Discussing events surrounding the declaration of war by                             America against Britain.
June          Plots to kill Hitler.
August       Because of low numbers attending it was decided to defer Liam's talk
on the history of                            football.  A general discussion ensued which evolved to women's emancipation and how it                      affects women today.
September The history of football.
European Invovement In The Congo.

Group leader:  Wilf Gannicliffe