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  Dining Group—2007
Here are the proposed dates for the coming year.
January -  Thursday 25th                     Raphaels formerly The Red Lion, High Lane   12.30pm                    3 course lunch  £15.00
February - Thursday 22nd                   Alma Lodge Hotel   12.30pm                                                            3 course lunch  £15.00
These are the only two venues which have been  booked to date, further information will be given to you when it is available.

March - Tuesday 27th lunch                            April - Tuesday    24th or 26th evening       
May –Tuesday 22nd lunch                               June -   Thursday 28th evening  
July date to be fixed during the 4th week        August - 28th or 30th lunch
September - Tuesday 25th lunch                     October - Thursday 25th lunch       
November - Tuesday 27th lunch.
Edna Bentley
  First Aid Course
Part one will start on Friday 2nd February 2007 and part two will follow on 
Friday 9th February 2007.  Both will start at 10am and last two hours.  The
course takes place at Marple Methodist Church, Church Lane , Marple.
(Next to the Carver Theatre).
For further details or to enrol please ring Doreen Scotte  

Doreen Scotte

  Bowling Group enjoys the mild winter (so far)
What a fortunate group we are!!

Winter Bowling in a winter that up to now has been quite mild, if a little damp.

The days are becoming longer from the 4th January and it will soon be summer bowling.  When we start again in the summer we will be going out for a lunch after bowling on April  4th.

Details to follow
Ken Bentley

Marriage is a relationship where one person is right            and the other is the Husband.

When a clock is hungry            it goes back four seconds

How does a rich girl change a Light Bulb?        She says “Daddy  I want a new flat.”

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