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10th  Anniversary  Open Day
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Reading Group Stand More Walkers! Walking Group Stamp Collecting Stand Are you sure this isn't a Penny Black! Table Tennis Group
Needle Work Stand Needlework Group I'll guess that tune in 5! Singing Group Choir In Excellent Voice! Family History Group Stand
How far back do you know? Your Great Great Grandfather was....... You'll never guess who you're related to!....No, really! Family History Group More Family History! Norman Times I believe!
Get as near to the Jack as you can! Its a competition! Refreshments! Tea Ladies More Tea Ladies! The Page to find out what's going on is 'Stop Press'
Welcome Mike Long - Central office Mike having a go The Pubs & Churches group.....er Everyone should know what to do in emergency Make sure the airways are clear Its good but I prefer! I like to Boogie! Tripping the light Fantastic!
Thanks very much for Coming. Prize Giving Prize Giving Prize Giving Dancing Dancing Dancing Our Website Demonstartion