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Photography Group 2012
              This Year

The first meeting was held on 11th October 2012.

This is to confirm that the dates of the next 2 sessions for the Photographic Group are Thursday 13th December and Thursday 10th January 2013 at 2pm in the Village Hall, High Lane.
At the last meeting it was decided that we would have FESTIVITIES as our subject for photographs.
So get on your thinking hats for creative ways of illustrating this theme.
These could be as prints or as a file on a memory stick or CD.  I will have a computer and digital projector available.

This new group is intended for all who have an interest in photography.  All levels of ability are welcome.  

The emphasis will be on sharing our skills and experiences with each other as well as working on practical projects each month.

The range of possibilities, depending on demand could include:

              Monthly photo projects which we will discuss at the following meeting

              Skill based training sessions

              Use of a range of digital cameras


              Digital software

              End use of photographs eg producing calendars, books web galleries etc.

              Occasional trips to photogenic locations

             Visiting speakers

Meetings will be monthly.

Brian Beardwood
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