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Walking in the countryside is a healthy and pleasurable activity, and in many ways is the ideal exercise for older persons, such as U3A members.

The walking group leader and walk leaders do take reasonable steps to minimise risks, in ways that are compatible with that objective – but nevertheless, the activities are not without risk. This is especially so on more scenic routes, or where the ground is uneven or slippery, taking into consideration that warning signs or safety measures are rare on most country paths.

Walkers will need to rely on their own skills, capabilities and equipment.  In particular, walkers can help to ensure their own safety, and that of others, by:-

•    making themselves aware of the intended route, and that it is within their capabilities and limitations
•    being properly prepared and equipped for the terrain and activity, bearing in mind the likely weather         conditions
•    following advice given by the walk leaders, alerting leaders to any problems and by giving assistance         to others if necessary

Walkers with the U3A should also be aware that insurance against accidents or loss is their own responsibility.  U3A insurance is limited to Public Liability and is only designed to protect and indemnify members and walk leaders against claims due to their walk activities.

Walter Mason December 2007