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The Thursday Group is oversubscribed, leading to members waiting for a game to Finish before there being room on the green.
A second group has now started on Tuesday Mornings at 10am at Torkington Park (Council Bowls Permit is required) with the same format as below.
Please contact Andre Lister if you want to join us on Tuesday :- bowlsleadertuesday@highlaneu3a.org.uk
 or turn up.
Bowling is a sedate and gentle exercise recommended by many GP's as a sport for those in their senior years.
Like many games it looks easy when watching those with years of practice and skill.  However, it can be a bit like driving a car at first, so many things to think of at the same time.

bowling a long jack!finger peg! That's our Thumb then!

Don't let that put you off, we are a very friendly group and we mix up so that everyone plays with different people each week.  We have some laughter and fun as well as concentrating on our bowling.

 who's closest partner?
Go on give it some welly!Tuition can be arranged for newcomers by telephoning the Group Leader in advance. 

We meet at 10-00 am on a Thursday at Torkington Park, Hazel Grove  We play until mid-day with a break for refreshment about half way through (which you bring yourself).  Bowling takes place throughout the year, weather permitting, but please note that if there is frost we are unable to bowl.  There are bowls available at the green if you don’t own your own. 

Just the one then.  
There is an annual Away Day
which was at 'Copperfields Bowling Club'
Prestatyn this year - see below.

We also hold an Annual Bowling Competition day, open to all our regular U3A bowlers, with a trophy awarded to the winner and other prizes - see below.

1) Prestatyn Away Day Monday 21st July Click here for report & pics

2) The Autumn Pairs Round Robin
Winning PairThe winners of the Autumn 2014 Pairs Competition were Judith Ridgway and Andre Lister – and the runners up were Bill Joslyn and Barbara Farmer. It was a very enjoyable morning which was followed by lunch in  the restaurant of the Fiveways on Macclesfield Road.

The last few weeks have been rather wet for our bowlers except some very hardy ones who will play no matter what the weather throws at us but we are all really looking forward to starting 2015 with a little better weather.

Both groups are continuing to maintain sufficient numbers to get a good mix of games on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings which should continue throughout the year ahead. It has been suggested also that we repeat our Spring Luncheon again in 2015 and this date will be advised in a few weeks time.

Margaret Evans
Group Co-ordinator

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