Question 27b.

You chose that a bid of 1 No Trump would finish off the game for East and West. This is correct. They have a score of 60 at the moment, and they need 100. One No Trump would give them the required 40 points, if they made it.

There are other bonuses to be made in Bridge. We talked about the bonus for Undertricks scored by the opposition and the bonus for overtricks scored by the side making extra tricks.

But things change when one side has a game because they become what is called VULNERABLE. So in our rubber, North and South, who have scored a game, are now vulnerable. Because of this the bonuses change. If they should get SET or GO DOWN, once they are vulnerable, instead of losing 50 points per trick that they are down, they would lose 100 (regardless of suit) to the opposition.

We have not talked as yet about the DOUBLE.  This is a challenge from the opposition when they doubt that a contract will be made.  If it is made, the score of the Declarer is doubled and they also get a bonus of 50 above the line for the INSULT. And if you get any overtricks they will be worth 100 each.

But if it is not made, the bonus for the opposition is much greater. If you are down one doubled but not vulnerable, instead of losing 50 points, you will lose 100. But for the next 2 tricks down, you will lose another 200 for each, and if you are down more than that, it goes up to 300 per trick. So if you are not-vulnerable, but doubled, and have bid 3 No Trump, promising to take 9 tricks, and in the end you take only 6 and are 3 down, the opposition will score 100+200+200 or 500 points above the line.

But it gets even worse for you if you are Doubled and Vulnerable. For your first trick down, you would lose 200 points and for each subsequent one, you would lose an additional 300 points. So for the example used above, having bid 3 No Trump and being vulnerable and doubled, you only took 6 tricks. The opposition will now score 200+300+300 = 800 points above the line.

Going back to our rubber score at the moment, let us assume that the next thing to happen is that North and South, who are vulnerable, bid 2 Hearts, and make 7 tricks.

28. How many points will East-West score as a bonus on that hand?
a. 30
b. 50
c. 100