Question 34b.

You chose to lead with the 2 of Diamonds. I think this is the best lead. You do have an honour in this suit and also the suit that was bid second by the Opening bidder, so not likely to be so strong.

Now the dummy is revealed, and Declarer can plan his strategy.

Spades             A,Q,8,4
Hearts              K,9,7,3
Diamonds         K,Q,8,3
Clubs                7

Spades             J,7,3,2
Hearts              10,8
Diamonds        A,J
Clubs               K,Q,10,8,4

The Diamond lead causes no problem, as either side can win that. Since West did the doubling, we must assume that he has the missing high cards, so I would assume that he had the King of Spades, and the Aces of Hearts and Clubs, all of which he will no doubt win. But after those tricks are out, I should have 3 more Diamond winners, 3 Spade winners, 2 Club winners and a Heart winner, so the contract should be makeable.

You should try now to make the contract on your own, using the cards from set hand 5, and keeping in mind the suggestions that have been made.

If you wish to have help in seing how to play out the hand, click here.

35. Did North-South make the contract?

a. yes
b. no