Question 46a.

You said you would bid 3 Clubs. This is correct.  You are first of all telling your partner that you have at least 6 points, and secondly you are telling him you have something good in Clubs. This may help him make up his mind about his next bid.

East now No Bids.

Opening bidder is pleased to know that his partner has at least 6 points, and having good Clubs is useful, as his own Clubs are not very good, but he really wants to be in Spades, so he might as well  go straight to a game bid in Spades and bid 4 Spades. Everyone else No Bids.

So the contract is 4 Spades and it will be played by South.

West leads to the first trick. Here is his hand.

Spades         5,3,2
Hearts          J,10,9,8
Diamonds     J,7,5,4
Clubs           K,9

A good lead is the TOP OF A SEQUENCE. Cards in a sequence are all equal, but by leading a high card, which your partner might well interpret as the top of a sequence, might give him useful information.

47. What card should West lead?

a.        King of Clubs
b.        4 of  Diamonds
c.        Jack of Hearts