Question 55 b.

You chose to support your partner and bid 2 Hearts. This is the correct bid.

Here is your hand again.

Spades         K,7,3
Hearts          9,7,4,2
Diamonds     A,10,8,5,2
Clubs            8

You have 8 losers, namely 2 in Spades, 3 in Hearts, 2 in Diamonds but only 1 in Clubs. Your 8 losers added to partner's 8 losers makes 16, which when subtracted from 18 makes 2, so your combined hands should be worth a bid of 2.

However, let's have a look now at North's hand. Remember he opened with 1 Club and his partner said 2 Clubs.

Spades        J,9
Hearts         A,6
Diamonds    K,Q,7,3
Clubs          A,K,Q,9,6,3

He has only 4 losers, and he could have opened with 7 losers. In fact if his suit had not been Clubs, he could have opened with 2 in his suit, because he has 8 winners - namely all 6 of the Clubs, the Ace of Hearts and either the King or Queen of Diamonds. But if he had opened 2 Clubs, that would have indicated to his partner 23 or more points, and he has only 21. But it seems a shame to give the contract away with such a beautiful hand, and with support from his partner.

56. What should North now bid?

a. No Bid
b. Double
c. 5 Clubs