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General Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the High Lane Village Hall.  The meetings start at 2.00pm and there is a charge of £1.00 to cover refreshments and the room hire.


What a great occasion the December meeting was in the
Village Hall, with every group taking part in some way.
A great time to share song, humour and more, well done to
all those involved in this ‘coming together’  whether  on the stage, in the kitchen or in the preparation and dismantling of the stage or tables and chairs.                            
A big well done to all.
                            Your Committee
Great News for OUR U3A
We are delighted to announce that our application for a lottery award
has been successful. 
We have been awarded £3378 to be spent on audio-visual and information
technology equipment and software.   Plans are in hand to purchase the
equipment, which includes an amplifier and microphones, a data projector,
and a laptop computer. It should be available for loan for any of our
U3A groups to use from early March.
We intend to run short induction courses for members who wish to use
the equipment.
John McCartney

Well done John, it is nice to see your work turned into positive real benefit..

Thank you on behalf of all U3A members.

Please Note
The MARCH issue of the Newsletter will be produced

  The U3A at the Ri                                                                  Page 2 
Once again the U3A and the Royal Institution team up to produce an afternoon of the best speakers from the Ri programme.
This year is no exception, on the 3rd April in London there will be three splendid speakers.
Vivienne Parry on
    ‘The truth about Hormones’
Prof.Salvador Moncana on
Prof. Bill McGuire on
    ‘Ways to protect the Planet’
If they are half as good as last year they will be brilliant.

We already have five interested people from High Lane.
We will be travelling down and back by train on the day of the presentations.
The cost is not yet fully defined but the Lectures are £14.00
Admission is by ticket only and we will be applying for tickets in mid January.
If you are interested please contact Ken Bentley ASAP.
Latest date for booking :-
20th January

  History Group
The next meeting of the History Group will take place at the home of Irene Bentley on 17th January at 7.30pm. We shall be looking more deeply at the interesting items about local
history that we included very briefly in our item at the Christmas meeting. New members are always welcome. 
Wilf. Gannicliffe
   Heritage Group                                            
On 22nd November, 23 members of the Heritage Section went to the Jewish Museum on Cheetham Hill Road. Manchester.
This beautiful Synagogue was built in 1874 by Sephardi Jewish immigrants from Spain and Portugal where they had been persecuted.
.As the Jewish population grewmore prosperous they moved to
better areas of the City, leaving the slums of Red Bank (illustrations of those living conditions are shown in the exhibition gallery) and new Synagogues were built within walking distance of their homes
any public transport on the Sabbath. as a result many Synagogues were left derelict.
In 1984 this Synagogue was lovingly restored and brought back to it’s former glory.
Torah Scrolls were installed in the redecorated Ark and one is on display on the Bimah from where the Cantor reads the service.
. There is much to see in the permanent and temporary exhibitions and it needs a visit to fully appreciate it all.
The guides are first class and give a clear insight into both the
Jewish religion and their way of life.
Many thanks to Mr Singer for his fascinating talk and to Margaret for organising the visit.
Audrey Clark

  Walking up to Christmas and Beyond                                 Page 3

Walk report October 2006                                      
On October 25th, in spite of a pessimistic forecast;  Don Heap had an assembly of 12 as we strolled past the church of St. Mary the Virgin in Disley, and then up past the cottages of Green Lane, with their memorabilia collections of post boxes and telephone boxes. There was an Autumn stillness in the air, with misty views towards Lyme Park cage, before we admired the profusion of wild rose berries in the recently planted Millennium wood, courtesy of Macclesfield Council. The weather remained relatively kind while we passed Bolden Hall farm (now split up into separate dwellings), climbed to the ancient Bowstones, and descended to Knights Low. Distant red deer stags, mixed groups of Highland cows and white fallow deer shepherded us along to Lyme Hall.

A huge beech tree gave good shelter as the forecast rain finally arrived, but sandwiches, drinks and conversation revived us. Then we enjoyed the pleasant paths in the mini-arboretum of Crow Wood, through the Horse Chestnuts, Beech and Monkey Puzzle trees, and onto the Elmerhurst trail with Fly Agaric toadstools lurking under the Sweet Chestnuts. The toadstools had attractively coloured spotted caps, but thoughts of severe sickness and coma reminded us not to be tempted. We got a little wetter on the exposed track back to Disley, but were soon back to our cars, and thanking Don for his excellent walk.
Walter Mason

Walk report November 2006
November 29th dawned bright and fair, and with holidays over encouraged a mass turn out of 29 walkers. We headed for Bollington and an easy, but very pleasant, stroll of 5 miles by the Macclesfield canal and former Macclesfield, Bollington and Marple railway. The going was good, with just the occasional flights of steps to make us watch our footing. We admired the 60 foot canal aqueduct, and refused to be tempted by the tea shop at the Clarence Mill, no longer producing high quality fine cotton clothing, linen and lace goods. We passed the Windmill pub at Whiteley Green, where archery butts are set up, before we headed back past Bollington to  Kerridge. There we crossed the old tramway incline and skirted past the former Redway Tavern, once a popular and thriving historic pub, but now a pair of bland and sad looking cottages.

Earlier in the walk, Richard and Susan Clark our walk leaders, had liaised with our lunch pub to ensure food for all – happily there was, and at pensioners prices too! With our large turnout, the decibel level swiftly rose as the happy conversation amply demonstrated our appreciation to Richard and Susan, and our real enjoyment with the walk and meal.                                                                                        
Walter Mason

WALKS (planned to date)
Wed 31 Jan       Dave/Ruth Smith         Macclesfield Forest
Wed 28 Feb      David Lloyd                 Prestbury/Bollin
Wed 28 Mar     Brian/Alison Allerton   either Airport circular or Lowry centre
Wed 25 Apr      Don Heap                     Limestone country
Wed 30 May    Walter Mason                 Ludchurch

June Weekend   Steve Reynolds            Hadrian’s Wall
All walks start from the High Lane Village Hall at 9.30 unless otherwise advised.

  Intermediate Bridge                                                            Page 4
This successful group meets on a Monday afternoon  at Woodside Tennis Club commencing at 13.45 until 16.15.  The group usually has 7 or 8 tables which is just about the limit for the room.
If you would like to play please contact either John McCartney or Steve Reynolds.
The programme until Easter is as follows.

Monday    8      January       Duplicate                             Put These Dates In Your  DIARY
Monday    15    January       Duplicate
Monday    22    January       Rubber
Monday    29    January       Training

Monday    5      February     Rubber  
Monday    12    February     Valentine Chicago          Monday    19    February     Rubber
Monday    26    February     Duplicate
Monday    5      March        Duplicate
Monday    12    March        Training
Monday    19    March        Rubber
Monday    26    March        Duplicate
Monday    2     April           Easter Chicago

John McCartney

   The AGM
Don’t forget the AGM in February.
We have already had several names put forward for the committee and we will need to have a vote to elect your new committee members.
This shows a healthy state of affairs within our U3A.
If you want to ensure that your nominee is voted onto the committee please attend the AGM and vote.
It is not too late to send  nominations to the secretary.

Your Present Committee
Vice Chairman                 
Membership Secretary `  
General Committee           
Jim Summers               
John McCartney           
Doreen Scotte               
Steve Reynolds                 
Margaret McDermott             
Marlene Brookes, Ida Butler,
Grace Shaw
, Mike Snape, Ken Bentley


  Marple Bridge & Mellor (Open*) Gardening Group          Page 5
                                              *open to any U3A in The Pennine Link
Meetings are held at Marple Methodist Church , Church Lane, Marple.
On The second Wednesday of each Month-Coffee at 9.45am and the Meeting commences at 10.00am
There are also cheap plants and Gardening Magazines on sale.
This is the same morning as our General Meeting , however, there are some members of High Lane U3A that attend.  If you would like to go you will be made very welcome.

Future Programme 

January 10th        Fletcher Moss Park—a talk by John Steadman

February 14th        Gardeners Question Time

March 14th            All you want to know about Herbs

Contact Doreen Scotte for further details if you are interested.
Doreen Scotte

  Finance Group
Our next meeting will be 10 January when our guest will be James McLellan, who is part of the Marple based Savoy Investment Management Group. They are members of the Stock Exchange and James will be able to answer most questions that members may have over investing in shares, and highlight what services are available here on our doorstep.

The following meeting on 14 March will be on the subject of Investing in Wine, and we hope to be able to also incorporate a small wine tasting.

If anyone wishes to receive further information, then please do not hesitate to contact me.
Derek Hill

   What’s the definition of a will?                       It’s a dead give away !! 

  Dining Group—2007                                                               Page 6
Here are the proposed dates for the coming year.
January -  Thursday 25th                     Raphaels formerly The Red Lion, High Lane   12.30pm                    3 course lunch  £15.00
February - Thursday 22nd                   Alma Lodge Hotel   12.30pm                                                            3 course lunch  £15.00
These are the only two venues which have been  booked to date, further information will be given to you when it is available.

March - Tuesday 27th lunch                            April - Tuesday    24th or 26th evening       
May –Tuesday 22nd lunch                               June -   Thursday 28th evening  
July date to be fixed during the 4th week        August - 28th or 30th lunch
September - Tuesday 25th lunch                     October - Thursday 25th lunch       
November - Tuesday 27th lunch.
Edna Bentley
  First Aid Course
Part one will start on Friday 2nd February 2007 and part two will follow on 
Friday 9th February 2007.  Both will start at 10am and last two hours.  The
course takes place at Marple Methodist Church, Church Lane , Marple.
(Next to the Carver Theatre).
For further details or to enrol please ring Doreen Scotte  

Doreen Scotte

  Bowling Group enjoys the mild winter (so far)
What a fortunate group we are!!

Winter Bowling in a winter that up to now has been quite mild, if a little damp.
The days are becoming longer from the 4th January and it will soon be summer bowling.  When we start again in the summer we will be going out for a lunch after bowling on April  4th.

Details to follow
Ken Bentley

Marriage is a relationship where one person is right            and the other is the Husband.

When a clock is hungry            it goes back four seconds

How does a rich girl change a Light Bulb?        She says “Daddy  I want a new flat.”

  Strictly Come Dancing with  Our U3A                              Page 7
You will not be voted off by the audience or receive caustic comments from  judges if you come to the dance
classes held by the U3A.
There are two qualified teachers and you will find the classes enjoyable and learn or improve your skills.

Ballroom Class
This takes place fortnightly at High Lane Village Hall on a Friday afternoon commencing at 2.00pm until

The first hour is spent working on a ballroom dance—this will be The Slow Fox Trot until Easter.  The
second hour is spent doing general dancing..  The following are the dates until Easter.

Jan 19th;    Feb 2nd;    Feb 16th;    March 2nd;    March9th;    March16th;

Coat £4.00 per session or - £18.00 per term

Latin Class
This takes place fortnightly in the Scout Hut in Marple on  alternate Wednesday afternoons
Commencing at 2.00pm until4.00pm
4.00pm.This is similar to the backroom except the first hour is spent on a Latin dance.

Jan 10th;    Jan 24th;    Feb 7th;    Feb 21st;    March 7th

Cost £2.00 per session or —£7.00 per term
Enquiries to -
Kath Taylor

General Meetings
forthcoming general meetings
What did the fish say when he hit the concrete wall             DAM

What lies at the bottom of the Ocean and twitches                A nervous wreck

 Woodside Tennis Club  Thursday  
 13.30 - 16.30
 Chris Gibson 
 Woodside Tennis Club    Monday
 13.30 - 16.30  
 John McCartney
 Steve Reynolds 
 Crown Green Bowls  Torkington Park    Thursday
 10.00 - 12.00
 Ken Bentley 
 Dancing  High Lane Village Hall  Friday by arrangement
From Tutor
 14.00 - 16.00
 Kath Taylor 
 Various Venues  Tuesday’s &         Thursday’s  Edna Bentley 
 Finance  High Lane Village Hall    Odd Months
 After General Meeting
 Derek Hill 
 First Aid  Marple  By Arrangement  Doreen Scotte 
 (High Lane)
 Various Venues  14.00 - 16.30  Lottie Minchin
 (Pennine Link)
 Marple Methodist Church  2nd Wednesday
 9.45 - 11.45
 Joan Nield
 German  Usually
 Marlene’s House
 9.30 - 12.00
 Marlene Brookes 
 Heritage  Various Venues  Various Days  Margaret Dodd 
 History  Various Venues  Wednesday Evenings  Wilf Gannicliffe 
 Literature (Reading)  Sue’s House  TBA  Sue Dintinger 
 Mathematics  High Lane Village Hall  Usually Thursday p.m.  Barrie Milnes 
 Music Appreciation  High Lane Library  Alt. Tuesdays
 14.30 - 16.30
 Allan Leach 
 Needlework  Various Venues  Usually Thursday’s    Marlene Brookes  
 Singing  High Lane Village Hall  Alternate Fridays
 9.45 - 11.15
 Sue Dintinger 
 Theatre Matinee  Various Theatres  Wednesdays &
 Pat Whinnerah 
 Walking  Meet at
 High Lane Village Hall
 Last Wednesday
 Walter Mason
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