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               So You Think It’s All Over?   It is for England but not our U3A

1.     Why did Ronaldo change his hair style after Brazil beat
        England in the 2002 quarter finals?

2.     Why was Mexico banned from competing in the 1990
        World Cup?

3.     In which finals was a French player sent off, for the
        first time in World Cup history?

4.     Why did the referee add on 8 minutes of injury time to
        the first half of extra time in the 1990
        between Italy and Argentina?

5.     Which country has competed in each qualifying
        competition but never qualified for any finals?

6.     When did the tradition of swapping shirts begin in the
        World Cup?

7.     What is the most common score in a World Cup finals

8.     Why did the USA trainer have to be carried off
        unconscious during a 1930 World Cup match against

9.     The 1966 opening match between England and
        Uruguay was delayed, why?

10.   Why did the Albanian coach ask his player not to swap
       shirts after playing against Spain in a qualifying match
       in 1993

Answers (by members of High Lane U3A only) to the Editors
to win a Bottle of wine for the first correct answer received, 
(Answers in the next Newsletter)

            Dining Group
On June 27th we had our lunch at the Andrew Arms, Compstall. Everyone agreed it was a very good meal and can certainly be recommended.
On July 20th we are going to Browns Cafe Bar & Restaurant for an Evening Meal, anyone wishing to go can put their name down at the meeting on July 12th or telephone 
Edna by Friday 14th at the latest.
There will not be a meal out in August but on September 26th we shall be going to The Waltzing Weasel, Birch Vale.
The final meal of 2006 will be on Thursday October 19th when we shall be going for a lunchtime meal at the Little Mill Inn, Rowarth.
Edna Bentley.

               Ken & Edna Bentley   kenedna@aol.com  
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