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July 2006

Have YOU seen our WEB SITE Yet?

How many members of your family have seen our WEB SITE?

The WEB SITE is well worth a visit and it is worth visiting your local Library if you are not yet able to connect to the WORLD WIDE WEB.

The internet in general is a great place to
improve your learning and find out about all sorts of interesting things as well as book holidays, air tickets, cheap prices for hotels, do your shopping if the weather is bad and lots more. The U3A also 

has additional learning sites that may be used by ALL U3A members.

If you haven't tried the U3A web site yet, there are many interesting items and access to the Sources magazine which is a free magazine to all U3A members.  It covers various aspects of the several U3A activities.

There are also many interesting BBC sites that cover all sorts of learning, and their language sites are very good.

Now that the WEB SITE is up and running it is important to continue to keep it up to date.  If you are interested in learning more about Web Sites and assisting in the
updating procedure, please contact Peter Kress and join the WEB SITE development group.
We are on the Web
Forthcoming Speakers for General Meetings
Date Speaker Subject
July  12th

Aug 9th

Marie Dickenson

Howard Greene

Mr C Robinson
Michael Grisham
Mr J Tindsley
All Groups
The things People Say

Vernon Park
The Stockport Story
Glimpses of Chatsworth
Bottoms Up
Singing Waiters
Christmas Party
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