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July 2006

Have YOU seen our WEB SITE Yet?
How many members of your family have seen our WEB SITE?

The WEB SITE is well worth a visit and it is worth visiting your local Library if you are not yet able to connect to the WORLD WIDE WEB.

The internet in general is a great place to
improve your learning and find out about all sorts of interesting things as well as book holidays, air tickets, cheap prices for hotels, do your shopping if the weather is bad and lots more. 
The U3A also has additional learning sites that may be used by ALL U3A members.

If you haven't tried the U3A web site yet, there are many interesting items and access to the Sources magazine which is a free magazine to all U3A members.  It covers various aspects of the several U3A activities.

There are also many interesting BBC sites that cover all sorts of learning, and their language sites are very good.
Now that the WEB SITE is up and running it is important to continue to keep it up to date.  If you are interested in learning more about Web Sites and assisting in the updating procedure, please contact Peter Kress and join the WEB SITE development group.

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Forthcoming Speakers for General Meetings
Date Speaker Subject
July  12th

Aug 9th

Marie Dickenson

Howard Greene

Mr C Robinson
Michael Grisham
Mr J Tindsley
All Groups
The things People Say

Vernon Park
The Stockport Story
Glimpses of Chatsworth
Bottoms Up
Singing Waiters
Christmas Party

German Group off to World Cup                                              Page2
10 of us(6 members and 4 partners) should have left for Germany on the 6th July,  so we will probably be forced to watch the World Cup Final.
Our next meeting after the trip will be on Friday 21st July.
Expect a full report in our next issue.
Marlene Brookes
We look forward to your report and hope the World Cup Doesn’t intrude too much on your holiday.

We exhibited some of our work at the High Lane Fun Day on July 9th.
We have had quite a lot of orders for special anniversary cards this summer but hope that the rush is now over, so we can concentrate on Christmas Cards which will be on sale at our November meeting.
Marlene Brookes
Thanks are due to the needlework group for the work that they have put in to 
producing some lovely cards.
Your work is very much appreciated.  New members are always welcome if you would like to join this group
          Improvers Bridge
A very successful summer party was held, playing Chicago. There were 24 players and prizes were presented to the highest and lowest.
The attendance is healthy with an average attendance of 25 since last
January. and a monthly average between 23 and 30.  With these numbers it is possible to reduce the weekly cost to £1.00 each.
The room is open from 1.30pm with play commencing at 1.45pm.
The group usually finishes at 4.15pm
If you would like to join us you will be made most welcome, just come along to Woodside Tennis Club.
Chris Gibson

          Intermediate Bridge
Forthcoming Programme
17th July  Duplicate                7th August   Rubber                  28th August  To be decided (Bank holiday)
24th  July Duplicate                14th August Duplicate              4th September  Duplicate
31st  July  Chicago                  21st August  Duplicate             11th September  Rubber

Heritage Group Visits                                                                  Page3

July  25th
Hoghton Tower  and
Oswaldtwistle Mill

This trip includes a  tour of the Tower, a meal at the Mill and a coach tour of the Pendle Witch country.

£20.00 including Meal

£17.00 without a Meal

Please note that Coach fares are much higher now and your Heritage  Group committee are working hard to provide these trips for YOUR benefit.
August 22nd

A lovely town to visit with the Castle and the estuary
and shops. Plenty to see and do, you could even have a sail; on the River Conwy.

Cost of the coach £13.50
Bring a child for half

If you want to go on either of these trips book at the next General Meeting or ‘phone Margaret Dodd 
Please Note

The balance for the
Must be paid by the AUGUST meeting

Interesting Web Sites:-

Hoghton Tower


Oswaldtwistle Mill

Margaret Dodd
          Thank You Frank
Since the High Lane U3A was formed Frank Singleton has been the leader of the Gardening Section.  He has led a band of enthusiastic gardeners with dedication over the years, but has now decided to relinquish this post.  All the members of the gardening group would like to thank Frank for his efforts over the years inn making this group so successful and enjoyable.
Brian Allerton
The committee also wish to add their thanks to Frank, enjoy a well earned rest.       Editor
           Dreary Weekends
Over the last few weeks I have heard several people commenting that they find weekends dreadful and that time drags.
This caused me to wonder whether there would be any demand for activities during 
the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday.

In order to keep costs to a minimum, consideration could be given to using cars or public transport.

If anyone is interested will they please contact me Chris Gibson

Walking Group                                                                           Page 4
May 26th Walk Report
From Knolls Green near Mobberley, Sonia Brown and Audrey Hyslop led us on an easy walk through the
lush Cheshire countryside. An unseasonal Manchester monsoon had left the field paths wetter than usual,
but the weather was kind. We started with a lovely bluebell wood, and a sight of a young foal, before we
visited the most interesting church of St.Wilfred at Mobberley. George Leigh Mallory, the mountain
climber lost high on Everest in 1924, is commemorated in a stained glass window in the North Aisle. In

fact, 6 rectors of the church were from the extended Mallory family.  

We had a brief rest under a large tree which many of us thought was one of the  types of Oak found in the UK.  It appeared to have the remains of flowers left on short suspended fronds which seemed strange for an Oak.  The leaves have been scanned on 1mm grid.             
Any ideas? 

We continued passed the bird garden, alas no longer open to the public, and managed to resist the 
temptation of the 4 pubs between the Church Inn and the Mob Cap, until retreating from Antrobus
 Bridge to a lunch stop at the Bird in Hand. Thanks to Sonia and Audrey for a most interesting walk.                                                                                               Walter Mason

Wednesday 27th September
An easy 5 mile walk taking in the villages of Eyam and Foolow and
finishing with a Pub lunch.  Meet at the Village Hall car park say 9.30am

The leader will be Mike Snape.
Mike Snape
1.        You walka pasta the bakery
2.        You walka pasta the sweet shop
3.        You walka pasta the Ice-cream shop
4.        You walka pasta the table and the fridge
Finance Group
There will be no meeting in July. Therefore the next meeting will be in September following the normal
U3A monthly meeting in the Village Hall from 15.45.

The subject will be the changes made by Gordon Brown in this year's budget plus an outline of a new
recently Inland Revenue authorised and approved concept for passing your house onto your children
without paying Inheritance tax.
Derek Hill

                                                                                                      Page 5
 So You Think It’s All Over?  It is for England but not our U3A        
1.     Why did Ronaldo change his hair style after Brazil beat
        England in the 2002 quarter finals?

2.     Why was Mexico banned from competing in the 1990
        World Cup?

3.     In which finals was a French player sent off, for the
        first time in World Cup history?

4.     Why did the referee add on 8 minutes of injury time to
        the first half of extra time in the 1990
        between Italy and Argentina?

5.     Which country has competed in each qualifying
        competition but never qualified for any finals?

6.     When did the tradition of swapping shirts begin in the
        World Cup?

7.     What is the most common score in a World Cup finals

8.     Why did the USA trainer have to be carried off
        unconscious during a 1930 World Cup match against

9.     The 1966 opening match between England and
        Uruguay was delayed, why?

10.   Why did the Albanian coach ask his player not to swap
       shirts after playing against Spain in a qualifying match
       in 1993

Answers (by members of High Lane U3A only) to the Editors
to win a Bottle of wine for the first correct answer received, 
(Answers in the next Newsletter)

   Dining Group
On June 27th we had our lunch at the Andrew Arms, Compstall. Everyone agreed it was a very good meal and can certainly be recommended.
On July 20th we are going to Browns Cafe Bar & Restaurant for an Evening Meal, anyone wishing to go can put their name down at the meeting on July 12th or telephone 
Edna by Friday 14th at the latest.
There will not be a meal out in August but on September 26th we shall be going to The Waltzing Weasel, Birch Vale.
The final meal of 2006 will be on Thursday October 19th when we shall be going for a lunchtime meal at the Little Mill Inn, Rowarth.
Edna Bentley.

               Ken & Edna Bentley   kenedna@aol.com  

  Marple Bridge & Mellor Gardening Group (Open to all U3A’s who are
  part of the Pennine Link)                                                                             Page 6
July 12th . Garden Pests.  Advice from members on the treatment of pests.
August 9th. An Allotment Walk. (to be confirmed).
September 13th. An introduction to a National Collection.
October 11th. A DVD on a well loved garden.
November 8th. Wild about Weeds. A talk by David Warner.
December 13th. Christmas Decorations from your garden by Brenda Vause.
Meetings are held at Marple Methodist Church, Church Lane, Marple
on the second Wednesday of the month - coffee at 9.45 and the speaker at10am.Cost including coffee £1.50. Cheap plants and magazines for sale.
            Walking Group Latest Walk Details
On a warm July day Walter Mason led fifteen members of our group to the lower reaches of Kinder Scout. We walked from the centre of Hayfield towards Kinder Reservoir observing the differing bird life along the way - sanderlings running along the water's edge, and further on,lapwings, curlews and grouse; plus numerous wild flowers (Whatever happened to those I Spy books?)
We stopped to eat our butties with an excellent view from the hill over the reservoir before making our way back across Middle Moor, past the shooting cabin, to Little Hayfield.
Many thanks to Walter for leading this walk and providing such good weather!                                                  
Brian Allerton.

            Thank You
I would like to thank all those members of the High Lane U3A who were kind enough to send me cards and good wishes during my recent illness in particular members of the Bowling Section.
Jean Speakman
It is nice to see you up and around again
               Your Committee
Vice Chairman                 
Membership Secretary `    General Committee           
Jim Summers               
John McCartney           
Doreen Scotte               
Steve Reynolds                 
Margaret McDermott             
Marlene Brookes, Ida Butler, Grace Shaw, Mike Snape, Ken Bentley

 Woodside Tennis Club  Thursday  
 13.30 - 16.30
 Chris Gibson 
 Woodside Tennis Club    Monday
 13.30 - 16.30  
 John McCartney
 Steve Reynolds 
 Crown Green Bowls  Torkington Park    Thursday
 10.00 - 12.00
 Ken Bentley 
 Dancing  High Lane Village Hall  Alternate Fridays
 14.00 - 16.00
 Kath Taylor 
 Various Venues  Tuesday’s &         Thursday’s  Edna Bentley 
 Finance  High Lane Village Hall    Odd Months
 After General Meeting
 Derek Hill 
 First Aid  Marple  By Arrangement  Doreen Scotte 
 (High Lane)
 Various Venues  3rd Monday
 Frank Singleton 
 (Pennine Link)
 Marple Methodist Church  2nd Wednesday
 9.45 - 11.45
 Joan Nield
 German  Usually
 Marlene’s House
 9.30 - 12.00
 Marlene Brookes 
 Heritage  Various Venues  Various Days  Margaret Dodd 
 History  Various Venues  Wednesday Evenings  Wilf Gannicliffe 
 Literature  Sue’s House  TBA  Sue Dintinger 
 Mathematics  High Lane Village Hall  Usually Thursday p.m.  Barrie Milnes 
 Music Appreciation  High Lane Library  Alt. Tuesdays
 14.30 - 16.30
 Allan Leach 
 Needlework  Various Venues  Usually Thursday’s    Marlene Brookes  
Singing  High Lane Village Hall  Alternate Fridays
 9.45 - 11.15
 Sue Dintinger 
 Theatre Matinee  Various Theatres  Wednesdays &
 Pat Whinnerah 
 Walking  Meet at
 High Lane Village Hall
 Last Wednesday
 Walter Mason
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