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Special points of interest:
•    We Are On THE WEB
•    U3A AGM at Chester
•    Wow The RI  is well worth a visit
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•    Bridge

MAY 2006

It has happened to OUR U3A.
We  now     have      a splendid WEB SITE
With the aid of a small sub-committee  led  by our Vice-Chairman Mr. John McCartney   and Mike Snape ,Richard
Clarke and Peter Kress.

Together  with  input from   the   various Group Leaders, the idea has now borne fruit.
Many    photographs have been taken and some will appear in the WEB SITE.

Your grandchildren will be  thrilled  to  see you on  the  World  Wide Web.  Your family will be pleased to read
about some of the activities that you are getting up to in your leisure time, and to find out what you have been learning about.

Don’t worry if you do not  have  a  computer, you  can  go  to  your local  library  and  I am sure  they  will   be pleased  to  show  you how  to  find  the  WEB SITE on the Library computers.
Maybe  you  can  email you family from there and   give   them   a splendid  surprise.
We need to thank  the sub-committee  and anyone  providing  data for  input  to  the  Web
Site  together  with  Peter Kress   who   compiled the  web  site  assisted by Philip  Day  the  husband of   Jean   Day   (our Bridge Tutor)
We are on the Web
Forthcoming Speakers for General Meetings
Date Speaker Subject
June 14th
July  12th
Aug 9th

Jack Glen
Marie Dickenson
Howard Greene

Mr C Robinson
Michael Grisham
Mr J Tindsley
All Groups
A Light-hearted Look At Public Speaking
The things People Say
Vernon Park
The Stockport Story
Glimpses of Chatsworth
Bottoms Up
Singing Waiters
Christmas Party
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