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After The Last Walk

If you die without a Will (intestate) the laws of intestacy come into force and dictate who will receive your possessions.
For example, if you are single, your assets will be distributed equally in this order, to your living parents, brothers and sisters, living grandparents, living aunts and uncles and if none of the above are still living to the Crown.

If you are married, or have entered into a civil partnership, do not assume that your partner will inherit everything– brothers, sisters and children may also be entitled.

If you have made a Will in the past but since remarried, do not assume that your old Will is still valid.  Upon re-marrying any existing Will you had will be rendered void and cannot be relied upon.

If you are living as a couple (co-habitués), but have not married nor entered into a civil partnership, do not assume that your partner will receive all that you leave.  The law may well treat you as a single person regarding the distribution of your assets and it is possible that your partner may receive nothing including your home together.

If you are retired and made a Will some time ago do not assume that all the provisions made are still valid.  Check that all beneficiaries are still alive and that specific gifts still exist.

It is worth taking a few minutes if you have not made a Will or your circumstances have changed since you last made a Will  so that you can ensure that your estate is divided AS YOU WISH.
Extracted from the ‘Bramhall Spotlight
                                Intermediate BRIDGE

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The Intermediate Bridge group is  flourishing.
There are now 47 regular players who come along on a Monday afternoon.
This means that we regularly have 8 tables which is near the capacity of the room.
If you wish to join this group, please contact either John McCartney or Steve Reynolds who can advise you of the up to date situation.
The forthcoming programme is as follows:-
All dates are Mondays.  Start prompt please

May                15th            Duplicate
May                22nd           Duplicate
May                29th      Bank Holiday TBA
June                  5th              Rubber
June                12th            Duplicate
June                19th            Duplicate
June                26th             Training
July                   3rd             Rubber
July                  10th             Rubber
July                  17th           Duplicate
July                  24th           Duplicate
July                  31st            Chicago