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            Did YOUR Mother use a Shopping Bag or Basket ??

  • Every year the Average Family uses over 300 plastic carrier bags.
  • In the UK 17.5 billion Plastic Bags are handed out by supermarkets
  • Most plastic bags finish up in household refuse and on to landfill sites.  Plastic bags take  
        100 years for a single one to decompose.
  • Plastic Bags kill 100,000 whales,seals and turtles, according to Planet Ark, an environment 
        agency ,mistaking the bags for jellyfish.
  • 5831 Plastic Bags were found on 244 UK beaches.
  • A single whale washed up on the coast of France contained  800kg of Plastic Bags
  • Recycling a plastic bag saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator
  • 100,00 tonnes of Plastic Bags are thrown away in the UK every year, the same as 70,000 cars
  • 80% of shoppers put their shopping into free Plastic Carrier Bags.
Can YOU do your bit to help reduce this terrible waste by being  against

the use of plastic bags and providing your own Shopping Bag ??? 
A real Shopping Bag

Ireland has introduced a Plastic Bag Tax — avoid it here.


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