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We wandered lonely as a crowd,  a group from High lane U3A
When all at once we spied a…. pub and low and behold it was selling beer and grub
The thirsty walkers raced down the hill at breakneck speed
To take their fill of beer and chips and therefore satisfy their longing need
For nourishment and rest at this most welcome establishment

And so dear friends read on…….

Our weekend started at Elterwater with a five mile walk via Skelwith Force and then Colwith Force (“May the force be with you” was quipped quite frequently – such culture).  Lots of water was thundering down, the weather was perfect for walking and the jackets stayed firmly inside the rucksack.  After the absolute necessity of checking that the beer at the Britannia Inn was safe to drink and also conducting a health and safety check on the chips and saltshaker we moved on to the Glenthorne Guest House in Grasmere.  After the early morning start and filled with fresh air and good food there was not much activity in the lounge that evening, just armchair aerobics i.e. lifting glass to lips and managing to swallow the elixir of youth.
The next day…

Our hearts felt young but our legs oh so old but still we obeyed and did as we were told
To meet at ten and yet again seek out the fell, the tarn and the open road

Today’s challenge was the COFFIN TRAIL to Ambleside.  After breakfast (and prayers) we headed for the village and graveyard with the Wordsworth graves and on past Dove Cottage where Mr W had lived for many years.  The route was described as “gently undulating over rocky outcrops, starting with a long steady ascent”.  Ask the walkers what that really means!!  All we can say is that, thank goodness, we were not carrying a coffin, just our rucksacks.  A number of theories were expressed on how it might be possible to ditch the body in the dense undergrowth and pop a few rocks in the coffin before reaching Grasmere and would anyone notice?  Answers of no more than 100 words please to www.com/walking (Note: www. stands for our new website: Walter Wainwright Wordsworth/).  At noon the group divided – not due to any literary fall out - but more a survival measure.  A small, but elite quartet decided to use their bus passes, thereby reducing path erosion, and head for Bowness to check that the lake was still there as indicated on the map and then use water power to reach Ambleside – as always aware of their carbon footprint – however they did return carrying PLASTIC BAGS!!  The next energy efficient group headed back along the lake path thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions caused by heavy breathing but on arrival back at the guest house they were found to be consuming CALORIES.
The final group of fitties followed our young Mr. Walter UP to the top of Loughrigg Fell.  The enthusiastic mountain goats headed for the trig point at over 1000 feet and I understand the views were fantastic.  However remember you can always enjoy this experience by paying 30p for the excellent postcard.  Four of the maidens were most wise and chose the mid level route back across the fell and fields, all very civilised and they even managed a most refreshing cup of tea, in a china cup and by the lake.

Near Rydal WaterClimbing Loughrigg FellLunch stop
The summitWindermere from the summitGrasmere from the summitBack for afternoon tea

After the evening meal followed by good homespun entertainment provided by our members around the old pianoforte, as per the style of the original Mr. W, it was time for bed

And then we wandered off to bed to disrobe, relax and give the pillow to our head
To rest our bodies, collapse in a heap but remember to set the alarm before you go to sleep
The next morning the sky was blue and so the U3A set out to find if it was true
That following their leader always consulting his map
Could help find them discover the joy of the hills
And more especially help their health by taking deep breaths and so ditch all those pills

So our final shorter walk on Tuesday morning was a team building exercise of encouragement to achieve yet more ascent as we walked out of Grasmere and along the terrace paths and back
through the woods before wending our separate ways back home.

Out despite the rainGrasmereAlmost the end

And so to finish with a final tribute to Mr Wordsworth

We clambered up hills and descended the vale , perhaps we had arrived a little too late
Had someone forgotten to shut the gate but nowhere could we find that golden host
Surely the sheep had not mistaken them for toast
But still we enjoyed our escape to the hills and for that we must hasten
To thank, most sincerely, our leader Mr. Walter Mason

Judith Ridgway    (with apologies to William Wordsworth)
Judith Ridgway