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General Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at the High Lane Village Hall.  The meetings start at 2.00pm and there is a charge of £1.00 to cover refreshments and the room hire.

November 2006

From your Chairman and committee
Voting for YOUR new Committee at the AGM
If you click on the link below, you will view a copy of the proposal form
for electing the following officers of the High Lane U3A Committee:
1.  Chairman
2.  Vice Chairman
3.  Members of the committee
Please print off a copy of the form & take it with you if you wish to
nominate someone at the AGM in FEBRUARY. 
The Secretary and Treasurer continue.
Remember these officers are here to represent YOU so have YOUR SAY in
the election of these officers, to ensure that YOUR VIEWS are represented.

Last year several forms were incorrectly filled in, the following should help.
1.    You  MUST obtain agreement from the person being proposed
2.    The form MUST have BOTH a PROPOSER and a SECONDER
Following these rules will avoid your form being rejected. Please ensure
that your form is filled in correctly, if in doubt ask a member of the present
Click here for the nomination form

  Your Present Committee
Vice Chairman                 
Membership Secretary
General Committee           
Jim Summers               
John McCartney           
Doreen Scotte               
Steve Reynolds                 
Margaret McDermott             
Marlene Brookes, Ida Butler,
Grace Shaw
, Mike Snape,Ken Bentley


  Theatre Matinee Future Visits                                               Page2
Saturday 11th November at
‘Theatr Clyde’ MOLD the
“The Ideal Husband”  by
Oscar Wilde
Cost  £12.75  + £10.00 Coach

Pat Whinnerah
Theatre Masks Saturday  24th February 2007
At The Lowry Theatre
Birmingham Royal Ballet
a classic tale with music by Carl Davis
Cost £27 + £6  Coach

Pat Whinnerah
            Safety Notice for Bowlers
The edges and corners of the Bowling Green can become very slippy with prolonged use in the winter,
Please ensure that your footwear has adequate grip with a suitable sole to avoid any accidents whilst on the Green
Ken Bentley
slipping on a banana skin!
   Needlework Group                                  German Group
We have all been working hard to produce a varied selection of Christmas Cards which will be on   sale at reasonable prices
at the November  general meeting.
Marlene Brookes
For a picture showing all cards go to the  Needlework page on the web site. They are excellent, click on link above - Editor

Christmas Candle
After some interruptions during the
summer. We should now have a clear
run of meetings on Friday mornings
until Christmas, with the exception of
December 8th when most of the
female members of the group will be
enjoying the Christmas Market in

Marlene Brookes
  German Waitress with food & drink

  Did YOUR Mother use a Shopping Bag or Basket ??          Page3    

  • Every year the Average Family uses over 300 plastic carrier bags.
  • In the UK 17.5 billion Plastic Bags are handed out by supermarkets
  • Most plastic bags finish up in household refuse and on to landfill sites.  Plastic bags
        take 100 years for a single one to decompose.
  • Plastic Bags kill 100,000 whales,seals and turtles, according to Planet Ark, an environment 
        agency ,mistaking the bags for jellyfish.
  • 5831 Plastic Bags were found on 244 UK beaches.
  • A single whale washed up on the coast of France contained  800kg of Plastic Bags
  • Recycling a plastic bag saves twice as much energy as burning it in an incinerator
  • 100,00 tonnes of Plastic Bags are thrown away in the UK every year, the same as 70,000
  • 80% of shoppers put their shopping into free Plastic Carrier Bags.
Can YOU do your bit to help reduce this terrible waste by being  against

the use of plastic bags and providing your own Shopping Bag ???  Ireland 
A real Shopping Bag

has introduced a Plastic Bag Tax — avoid it here.



  What are OAP’s Worth ???                                                  Page 4 
Remember, old folks are worth a fortune, with silver in their hair, Gold in their teeth,, Stones in their Kidneys , lead in their feet and gas in their stomachs.

I've become older since I saw you last and a few changes have come into my life.  Frankly I have become a frivolous ‘OLD Gal - I’m seeing six Gentlemen every day.

As soon as I wake up WILL POWER gets me out of bed.  Then I go to see JOHNNY LOOE.  Next CHARLIE CRAMP comes along, he takes up a lot of my time and attention.  When he leaves ARTHUR RITUS shows up and stays the rest of the day. 
He doesn’t stay in one place very long
so he takes me from joint to joint.
After such a busy day I’m really tired

WALKER, what a life, and oh yes I’m

PS  The vicar came to call the other day,

hereafter.  I do all the time, no matter
the Kitchen or down in the cellar , I ask
patient in bed
and glad to go  to bed with JOHNNY

 flirting with AL ZYMER too.

he said I should be thinking of the
where I am —in the Lounge, Upstairs, in


Amy Rogers


               Singing Group Special Notice

restart on
and will meet WEEKLY
until Friday 8th December.
as usual at

The meeting on the27th November will
be at the home of Tony & Margaret

Richard Clark

Closing date for copy for the January Newsletter is 28th December

   Wanderings of the Walking Group                                         Page 5  
On the last Wednesday in September Mike Snape and his wife led 15 of us along the grand series of 20  limestone wall stiles to cross Linen Dale ( a dry dale derived from “lime tree valley”)
and gradually descend to Eyam.  This Village is famed for the villagers’ heroism in 1665, following the arrival of Plague bacillus amongst cloth from London.  The Rector and inhabitants isolated themselves to prevent the spread of bubonic plague to outsiders, but at the loss of 260 villagers lives.  Eyam was full of interest, and Mike pointed out several plaques on buildings, including  the pigeon loft from where “pigeon post” took sales/ordering messages to Macclesfield from one of the local mills.
We returned past Dunlow farm along an easy walled track, and looped round on pleasant field paths by Silly Dale (another dry dale).  Suddenly we re-entered the picturesque village of Foolow, complete with duck pond, stocks, Churches and most satisfying of all , a welcoming Bulls Head pub for a very pleasant pensioners meal.  Thanks Mike and Margaret for an interesting walk.
Walter Mason

Next Walks
November 29th Whiteley Green and Kerridge. Leaders Richard & Clark. Pub Lunch.
                            Meet 10.00am

December 20th Wildboar Clough quiet Roads. Leader Walter Mason.  Pub Lunch
                           Meet 10.00am

January     31st Details to follow.  Leaders Ruth and Dave Smith 01663 765 364

Would anyone who would like to lead a walk in 2007, please contact Walter Mason , with
suggested locations, walk and possible months, so that next years programme can be formulated.
Walter Mason

  Finance Group
The subject for the next meeting on 8th November will be
“Saving and Investment Opportunities within the Building Societies” Our guest speaker will be the Area Sales Manager from The Cheshire Building Society.
Naturally any of our members will be welcome to attend.
Derek Hill

Dig into your Piggy Banks   Editor


  Heritage Outing to Kent 2nd-6th October  Report              Page 6
           We set off from High Lane- the Fair Maids and a few Squires– on our journey to Kent. We stopped for coffee at Wyevale Garden Centre on the outskirts of Derby, with their newly modernised cafeteria.  Later , we paused for lunch in Warwick with time for a quick look round. On our journey to the hotel in Tonbridge we hit the stop start of the M25 which delayed an otherwise comfortable journey.
          The accommodation in the hotel was satisfactory and comfortable and Tonbridge appeared to be a pleasant town but because of the full programme few of us had the opportunity for a good look round.
          Our first outing was to the Royal Dockyard at Chatham, once the largest dockyard in the country, but now completely closed after at least four hundred years of service to the Royal Navy.   Nowadays it is available as an open air Naval museum with splendid ship exhibits available to tour.
Part of the site was closed periodically in the afternoon as there was a film crew taking shots for including in a film The Golden Compass part of a fantasy trilogy thought to eventually replace Harry Potter.
          Before lunch most of us visited some or all of a submarine, a destroyer and a sailing ship which were all available for inspection.  Those visiting the submarine were required to employ some gymnastic ability  and, to their credit demonstrated the old magic was still there when called upon.  In the afternoon we had a choice of two slightly different guided tours by two enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides-- male and female– who gave us a comprehensive insight into the functions and history of the dockyard and particularly of the people who had worked there over the years.
          Day two brought a visit to Canterbury complete with guided tours of the Cathedral.  Once again we were taken round by enthusiastic  and well informed guides who showed us parts of the Cathedral that we would probably have missed if left to wander round on our own.  The guide for our group was a lady who had a sharp sense of humour and punctuated her narrative occasionally with some very amusing comments.  The rest of the day was spent seeing the sights in the city and possibly spending some money in the bustling main street.
Leeds Castle was the destination for the third day.  Rain was threatening and the day was a little chilly at first.
           Most of us spent the morning walking in the nice well kept Castle grounds and visiting the maze and, when the rain eventually arrived about midday we went inside for lunch and a tour of the Castle in the afternoon.
An extra bonus was an Autumn Gold flower festival  in progress in all the rooms and on many windowsills.  The rooms were gloriously decorated in different ways.  We were invited to vote on which display was the best, for some of us it was impossible to separate one from the other in terms of merit.  Apart from the flower festival the Castle appeared to be an ancient building which had been adapted for contemporary use without effacing it's historical associations.  A splendid Mott and Bailey Castle.
           Our homeward journey began in rainy weather although the M25 was clear.  Our lunch break in Marlow was marred by a little rain.  Fortunately the sun came out for a drive through parts of the Cotswolds, which ended with afternoon tea just outside Broadway.  We then set off for Birmingham and the inevitable Friday night traffic on the M6, but  fortunately this turned out to be better than it can often be.
           Our thanks for this interesting and enjoyable trip are due to Grace Shaw and Margaret McDermott , the main organisers, and to others who made their contribution to the smooth running of the trip,
Was it a success?        Undoubtedly!      Will we go on the trip next year?      Of course,
Fred Sleigh

                                                                                                                     Page 7
A Visit to Kent
 2006 Heritage Group trip
To Kent we did a go
Four day visit to dockyard and ship
Going thro’ the Submarine so low
We all got through the hatch doors
This was just one of the brilliant tours

 Day 2 took us to Canterbury Cathedral
Awesome in height, Gothic arches and spires
The murder of Beckett so bloody and brutal
A tomb of the Black Knight behind the Quires

 Leeds Castle was our destination on day 3
Rain didn’t dampen the spirits of the U3A
As they navigated the Maze, Gardens and Aviary
Within the Castle there was much to see,
 a bonus was the “Autumn Gold” flower display

 Thank  you to Margaret and Grace for organising the trip to Kent.
Where are we going for the next event??
                                           Ruth Smith

There will not be a meal out in either November or December organised by this group.
We enjoyed our last meal for 2006 at The Little Mill Inn, Rowarth and are busy planning 2007.
Details of the JANUARY 2007 meal will be available at the December & January meetings.
                                    Edna Bentley.
                  BOWLING GROUP DAY OUT -  September 21st.
On the 21st September we embarked on a Bowling Bonanza to ‘Cheshire View’ at Christleton near

I can say without hesitation it was a “Purrfec” Day thanks to the efficient organisation, this together
with the lovely sunny  weather resulted in the 30 strong group being in a fun mood all day.

The Cheshire View gave us excellent service with morning coffee, a buffet lunch, an afternoon ‘cuppa’ and in the evening a tasty well-cooked dinner.

In the Bowling competition Sheila Burke and Margaret Dodd were joint ‘Top Ladies’ and Dave Smith
was ‘Top Man’  and they and others received prizes.

After Dinner Margaret Meekley gave Ken & Edna a well deserved vote of thanks and then we were homeward bound, still lively enough to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Sheila and Brian who I am sure will
remember their 2006 birthdays as a very delightful day.

                                                              Moira Steele

  INTEREST GROUPS PROGRAMME                                 Page 8
 Woodside Tennis Club  Thursday  
 13.30 - 16.30
 Chris Gibson 
 Woodside Tennis Club    Monday
 13.30 - 16.30  
 John McCartney
 Steve Reynolds 
 Crown Green Bowls  Torkington Park    Thursday
 10.00 - 12.00
 Ken Bentley 
 Dancing  High Lane Village Hall  Alternate Fridays
 14.00 - 16.00
 Kath Taylor 
 Various Venues  Tuesday’s &         Thursday’s  Edna Bentley 
 Finance  High Lane Village Hall    Odd Months
 After General Meeting
 Derek Hill 
 First Aid  Marple  By Arrangement  Doreen Scotte 
 (High Lane)
 Various Venues  3rd Monday
 Lottie Minchin
 (Pennine Link)
 Marple Methodist Church  2nd Wednesday
 9.45 - 11.45
 Joan Nield
 German  Usually
 Marlene’s House
 9.30 - 12.00
 Marlene Brookes 
 Heritage  Various Venues  Various Days  Margaret Dodd 
 History  Various Venues  Wednesday Evenings  Wilf Gannicliffe 
 Literature  Sue’s House  TBA  Sue Dintinger 
 Mathematics  High Lane Village Hall  Usually Thursday p.m.  Barrie Milnes 
 Music Appreciation  High Lane Library  Alt. Tuesdays
 14.30 - 16.30
 Allan Leach 
 Needlework  Various Venues  Usually Thursday’s    Marlene Brookes  
Singing  High Lane Village Hall  Alternate Fridays
 9.45 - 11.15
 Sue Dintinger 
 Theatre Matinee  Various Theatres  Wednesdays &
 Pat Whinnerah 
 Walking  Meet at
 High Lane Village Hall
 Last Wednesday
 Walter Mason
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