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13th December
Walking GroupFurther December walk details with change of starting time.
8th December
Gardening Group - November report.
PhotographyNovember report.
Walking GroupNovember report and December walk details.
5th December
Family History Group - Spring Programme
28th November
History Group - Next meeting details.
21st November
Gardening Group - October report.
History Group - November meeting report.
Photography - October report.
Walking Group - October reports and November walk details.
22nd October
History Group - Next meeting and October report.
Photography - September report and Competition winning entries.
Walking Group - 30th October walk details.
2nd October
Photography - Revised introduction.
29th September
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Operation Whistler Update
Gardening Group - September report.
Photography - Next meeting and details and September report.
Walking Group - September walk report.
26th September
Holidays & Visits Group -New Trip! - Vienna (click for flyer) April 23rd-29th £660ea sharing, Single Supplement £88. Deposit at October meeting.
22nd September
Churches & Pubs - September visit report.  December venue.
● Shakespeare Play Reading - New play reading and meeting dates.
Walking Group - September 25th walk details.
7th September
CHANGE OF SPEAKER on the 11th September
The speaker has been changed to Michael Clarke, whose title will be - "The Role of the Toastmaster"
1st September
Ballet Groups - New page and archives.
Gardening Group - August report.
Walking Group - August 28th walk report.
26th August
History Group - August meeting report.
24th August
Walking Group - August 28th walk details.
23rd August
Canasta Group - Changes
Walking Group - August 13th walk report.
3rd August
Family History Group - Change of date
Gardening Group - July report.
Walking Group - July walk report and next walk details.
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Operation Whistler - More Arrests!
                                                                        Distraction Burglary
31st July
Family History Group - Autumn Programme
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Rogue Traders;
                                                         Operation Whistler Arrests - Blowing Time on Crime
26th July
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Crushing Illegal Off-road Bikes event
22nd July
Churches & Pubs - July visit report.  Change to October venue.
Gardening Group - June report.
History Group - June meeting report.
Walking Group - Away Days report.
Walking Group - June walks reports.
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Various
20th June
Holidays & Visits Group - Report on Great Central Railway's 1940's event.
13th June
Walking Group - June walks details.
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Police Impersonation - Card Fraud
10th June
Walking Group - 29th May walk report.
Gardening Group - May report.
3rd June
Holidays & Visits Group Dresden Holiday Report - Slideshow
25th May
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch - Going on holiday?
22nd May
Dining Group - May outing.
History Group - May meeting report.
Travel & Visits - Liverpool day trip in November
Walking Group - 7th May walk report
30th April
Gardening Group - April report
History Group - April meeting report.
Walking Group - April walks reports
26th April
WALK DATE CHANGE  The Walking Group's walk on 14th May has been changed to
                                              Tuesday 7th May.  Click for details.
7th April
Gardening Group - March report
Walking Group - March walk report
30th March
   1)  On the main U3A website:-
         On-line courses

    2)  Stockport College Summer School:-   Courses Information
                                                                  Application form
26th March
Photography - Next meeting and competition details.
● Shakespeare Play Reading - Next meeting details.
6th March
In August we will have a debate "That Britain should leave the European Union". This debate was arranged when members were enthusiastic about Steve Reynold's suggestion.  Now it is time for some enthusiastic volunteering - either to speak in favour, or against; whether willing to give a pre-prepared topic, or happy to give a short impromptu contribution from the floor.  It is a subject that affects us all and one that we might have to decide on in a national referendum.  So don't be afraid to nail your colours to the mast one way or another.  Most parties are split on the issue, so it is not really political.  And at the end of the day, it is really an exercise in how well we can express our views in public, and how well we can marshall arguments for or against.
So don't be shy - let's have lots of volunteers!
Just contact Walter Mason.
   Researchers at Manchester University are looking for volunteers for a research project.
   Click HERE for more information.
27th February
Walking Group - February walk report
● Shakespeare Play Reading - Next meeting details.
History Group - February meeting report.
Gardening Group - February report
26th February
Table Tennis - Morning group leader changes
Theatre Matinee - May, June & January 2014 productions
3rd February
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch - Two messages about scams
Walking Group - 30th January walk report
29th January
Travel & Visits - Northumberland details.
26th January
Walking Group - 30th January walk details.
24th January
History Group - January meeting report.
19th January
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Wheelie Bins & Sheds
Gardening Group - January report
Family History Group - Spring Programme
Strollers Group - Next walk, Monday 28th January
Travel & Visits - Grand Central Railway and Northumberland
9th January
Walking Group - First walk report
8th January
● NEWS - Neighbourhood Watch Bicycle Thefts
Churches & Pubs - 2013 programme
Sequence Dancing - Spring programme
Walking Group - 2013 walk programme